PS3 disc drive not working?!

I stopped using my PS3 for about maybe 3 months, just because I was busy with other things. So this previous weekend I go to insert LittleBigPlanet and the XMB loading icon in the top right corner does its thing but the game fails to show up. on the interface. Tried playing a game I downloaded and it worked. Inserted a movie into the drive, nope didn't work.

Luckily I have 2 PS3s. But really pisses me off that my LAUNCH unit has stopped working.

Do I call Sony? It isn't like the warranty is still active, so I assume they wouldn't do anything. I've thought maybe about cleaning the disc drive some how. Any suggestions?


Nintendo DSi, worth it?

I've been thinking about picking up the newly announced, Nintendo DSi,  ever since I gave away my Lite to a younger cousin of mine. 

One of the problems I find myself faced with is the $169.99 pricetag.  While I do have the money for it, I'm not sure if the device merits one hundred and seventy dollars.  Sure it can play music and I can go on the interenet, but that's why I have a Blackberry. But I refuse to buy a new DS Lite since I gave mine away and buying another one would be a waste of money. Plus I find the Lite difficult to hold for long periods of time. But ultimately DSiWare looks like it has potential and with a  backward compatible library I might just give in. 

Now if I take the plunge, I'm going to have a hard time choosing black or blue. The DSi comes in two colors which I'm really not interested. Black, seems too boring due to the lack of color. On the otherhand it matches my phone, but this is really not as important since my Blackberry has a glossy front and leather back, while the DSi has a much better matte finish. Now I am in absolutely in love with the blue! But it is a tad girly. 

So here i my issue; do I spend extra money on a device that contains features that I don't need in a blue girly color or find my original DS which is ugly (I'd rather take the boring black of a DSi) and maybe upgrade in 2 years with the next DS?

P.S. Should I go for the preorder? How peopular will it be at launch?