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After reading this thread, nearly everyone here is an idiot.

Do you honestly think Bioware would make you completely restart with a new character and new stats? That would be insulting to players and is poor game design. The developers of those Ubisoft games that end with a Z even know this.

Second, perhaps you should check out the website and maybe notice it says "cereberus". There is a quest in the game involving them and an enitre book on that undercover, sneaky organization. Honestly, Shepherd is in NO WAY in dead.

Finally, as I stated in my post above, there are INTERVIEWS where Bioware describes how you will import your character into Mass Effect 2.

This is a clear way to generate hype for the game but, anyone who knows anything will be able to see through this.

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MrBojangles said:
"Believe it or not, besides the Geth wearing N7 stuff, I think this is stupid. It's basically a way of saying, Shepard is dead, you're NOT going to be able to bring your characters over, which I thought would have been cool, but was probably hard to do for Bioware. But I don't know, we will see what happens. Can't wait. Pretty exciting trailer but when you think hard enough about it, it just seems like a way of telling you, you are going to have to start off as someone new, create the back story for this nobody. Maybe we'll play in an alternate universe where JENKINS is the arch villian. Who knows...

Bioware has already stated you will bring your character over. The actually have an interview explaining the process. Perhaps you haven't heard any ME 2 info, but Bioware has made it clear that your Shepherd will be coming in the next game.
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Cereberus. I read the second book.

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Seems like a decent commericial.

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Left4Dead becomes the same repetetive junk after a while. Great fun at first, and maybe if you enjoy retouching it, every 3 weeks or something.

But this expansion pack will get old eventually soon.

I don't see why people rate this game so highly. It would be nice if it had some more customization options that you could work to for completeing levels and so forth.

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A problem I forsee with this, is that Microsoft is leaning towards a more casual experiences and this seems to be something only hardcore gamers want.

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Zityz, you mentioned hardware kinks, the DSi has been released in Japan right? Are there any known hardware problems?

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Thanks for the help guys. I'll probably see how much it costs if I do it through Sony and also check out a replacement drive.

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While I have a similar feeling, I am going to disagree.

I know lots of people who OWN an Xbox 360 yet bought an HDTV and ended up buying a PS3, of which they don't even play, for the sole purpose of a BD player.

If the economy really starts to take a turn down, further than it is already, I can see BD slipping behind and digital downloads picking up speed. However if the market stays the same, or slightly starts increasing over the next 2 years BD will become super popular around 2011.

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I really like that idea. Can't you watch a movie with other people over Netflix? I'm sure MS could implement this. However I'm sure they might try to make it so only if you own the game you could watch it.

But really, would love for that to come to fruition.

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