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Just reviewed the game last week. Well worth it, especially if you loved Horde mode and The Killing Floor.

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Dejkrigeren-Yeah, I tried that but it didn't work. Did you do this before or after reinstall? 

Countyourblessings-there are two .exe files for deadrising, the smaller one deadrising2.exe at around 64 and the one thats around 9000 looks like this deadrising2.exe.zdp. 
If you'd be willing to send the exe that would be awesome as long as it doesn't affect your game at all (since we both purchased I can't imagine we'd be penalized for fixing a broken game through this means). Do you have gmail?
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I have yet to be able to run this game do to an issue with Games for Windows Live. GFWL runs fine with Dawn of War 2 and other games, but won't let me get past the date verification screen in reference to the zero day piracy protection software on Dead Rising 2. I've reloaded, updated, forwarded ports, etc and have had no luck. Any help would be great as neither Capcom nor Steam have answered me. 
PS: I am not an amatuer in reference to the PC, so assume I know the basics. I have never had a problem with loading games, even ones that required a bit of digging. This escapes me entirely. 
PSS: It is not  a sound issue by the way. 
Specs: i7 920 
ATI Radeon HD 5870 
Windows 7

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Just an FYI, there have been a ton of issues connected to the PC version of the game,especially the Steam version. I have yet to be able to load the game and play do to a ZDPP DRM. There are fixes,but none have worked for me.
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I'm getting it on PC as well, so I'll play with you. In terms of achievements, I'm sure there will be Steam achievements for the game, most the new titles including ports have them..20 bucks is just too good of savings for a game that will more than likely look much better. I am sad I'll miss out on the Frank West and Case Zero DLC though, but its a sacrafice.
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"Dude check out this glitch I found!"

I've recently transitioned from console Left for Dead 1 and 2 to PC Left for Dead 1 and 2, mostly because of the graphics and Mod community but also because my design oriented wife sees an issue with all three major consoles being plugged into our TV(she likes the PS3 though, its sleek and black thus maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the room).

I was excited to log on and play, but also knew that my first few sessions were going to be a bit tough since I hadn't played for a while and had to get used to the control scheme (which is much easier than console by the way). I logged on and immediately joined a game of "Survival" in an area from the new dlc The Passing,  which was a bonus since I had yet to experience it.

The rest of the players were taking their time setting up the area with gas cans and arming themselve with their particular taste in weaponry, which is an appropriate beginning to any LFD2 game. I felt right at home and did my best to assist while also not speaking out too much since I was a relative noob to the game. Once the defensive measures were set up, I ran back to the designated start area that we'd all agreed upon and prepared to gun down hordes of zombies, only to notice my team was on the other side of the map jumping up and down on a pillar.

I wasn't sure if perhaps they were confused as to the rules of the game or were having some computer related issues themselves until I ran over and realized one of the group had found a glitch that allowed them to jump to a location previously that was previously innaccesible. They spent the next ten minutes attempting to do this, which was fine by me since we all chatted and I made a few Steam friends for future games. Heck, I even assisted with shooting a grenade into the guys ass and succeded in launching him up to the area, only to have him accidently fall off. We were unable to attain the same result the second attempt but ended up having a great game anyway.

Sure I wasn't excited to spend most of my session that evening using glitches, but it seemed harmless at the time and we couldn't take advantage of it anyway. However, I let it be known that I wanted to play through and not spend so much time on using game errors, and the group agreed.

I logged on again later in my week and ran into the same problem, only this time the glitcher was pretty demanding of his unwilling participants. Obscenities were shouted and when someone said they just wanted to start the game, a vote was cast to kick them out. I left this game right after that, not wanting to deal with someone so obsessed with breaking a time record that they'd take the fun out of the game for everyone else.

The very next game I found, the same thing happened, only I was the sole person not working towards a glitch. I heard noob, asshole and even a crude gay reference that I will not repeat, all because I just wanted to play.

In the ten games I played, there was at least one person working towards glitches that gave them unfair advantages or caused problems for the rest of the team. From magically teleporting around the map (which appeared to be closer to a cheat rather than just a glitch) to climbing up a roof and out of harm's way, people were willing to do what it took to win. In most these cases, the game appeared to take measures to stop the action (such as unleash a couple tanks or have spitter acid magically appear in the area the offender was standing) but not always, especially if the person knew exactly the right place to be.

The Valve Anti Cheat program works well, but the issue isn't preventing people from cheating,rather convincing people that cheating and glitches take the fun out of the game. Rules and functionality were established by the developers to make an experience the best most challenging experience it can be, why do so many people want to alter that?

I did mixed martial arts for a couple years, competed and ended up maintaining an undeafeated record(2-0 mind you, but still an accomplishment I can be proud of). Winning meant training hard, following the rules and not leaving any questions as to the validaty of the victory. There were those that took illegal enhancements or lied about their experience to fight easier opponents, but to me that seemed to pervert the experience of winning.

"God I Hope no one realizes I have horse parts in me..."

While not as extreme an example as a sport thats monitored by an athletic commission, the attitude of gamers towards cheating is disturbing to me. The very reason I stopped playing Modern Warfare 2 was because of the people that took advantage of programming errors and used them to spam wins and pad their records. How is that fun?

Perhaps there is respect to be earned by showing up to a match with an insane time record or number of kills. Left for Dead is not an easy game, and seeing people survive with a time of 16:00 used to be impressive to me, but I now question it. Are these real records to strive for, or have people just become experts on glitches as opposed to experts with the gameplay?

I never expect a game to be completely glitch or cheat free and realistically they shouldn't have to be as long as the game functions well. However,  there will come a day that video game records  follow the path of penis size in men; you can exaggerate all you want ,but one day you'll have to prove your stories aren't fiction.    

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From what I’ve heard, the next Resident Evil (number 6, but with all the spin offs and indirect sequels, it may be like number 25) may be a reboot of the series, which I believe is a good thing. I really enjoyed all of the games, but the action filled nature of the last two overshadowed some of the elements that I loved about RE‘s previous incarnations.

Its pretty obvious that the producers of the game have an idea in mind, but there are some things I’d like to see.

First, lets find a happy medium between the action of the last two and the survival horror of the others. I liked the control scheme, but the fear of not having enough ammo was lost as most enemies dropped it when they were killed or it could be purchased. I want to regain that feeling of excitement when I find a couple shotgun shells or a  
 9mm clip.

I miss the puzzle elements too, they have been pretty light as of late. I know they seemed out of place at times, but I like sifting though levels looking for tiger eyes or animal themed crests.

Lets go back to Raccoon City. I want to be there from day 1 as the virus slowly makes its way throughout the town. It’d be cool to see the before and after as well as developing dialogue with citizens and seeing what happens to them as the story progresses. There is so much potential for both new areas and re-imagined ones. Roaming the Arkalay Mountains would be awesome and really intense in the beginning of such a game.

I also really miss zombies too. There is just something about the lumbering dead that gets me pumped. Since it will be more action oriented than the first few titles, pump up the numbers.

It’d also be cool to see a more open world game. Obviously you’d need scripted events, but with such a large town it’d be great to find multiple paths around. It’d also be cool to have choices. Perhaps you save a school bus full of kids, but don’t have enough time to secure a zoo full of mutated animals. Heal a wounded cop and have a buddy for a while. It just seems like there is so much potential there.

Enemy wise, I would not have an issue with the baddies from the past. I loved all the creatures that filled the Umbrella test tubes and wouldn’t mind seeing their next gen versions. The hunters from RE3 were by far my favorite.

And while not the strongest of the games, the RE Onlines had some cool ideas. Why not include a bit of co-op play, but not the leashed kind that was found in RE5. Having to split up from a buddy or buddies for awhile would really create some dramatic situations.

I know its a lot of pipe dreaming, but this is the series that addicted me to games. I don't want it to die.    

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Link to the game compliments of Armor Games

Infectonator-World Dominator

I'm not one to play games at work,but sometimes (very rarely) I'm ahead of the program. Besides surfing the web and wandering the office, I often play browser games to pass the time.I stumbled upon Infectonator-World Dominator on a day that I probably should have been more productive, and ended not jumping back on the output train.

Your main task in IWD is clearly stated in the title; you dominate the world with infection. What type of infection you may ask? Zombies of course! Your goal is to infect citizens and spread the zombie contagium through your newly formed army of ghouls.You start off in Africa with a very weak infection, but as you overtake towns and turn citizens into the walking dead, you earn gold to put towards increasing your infection's attributes (such as infection spread, speed and strength of the zombies created and infection penetration).

Despite your ever growing infection strength, you never become too overpowered as the game compensates as you travel to more populated areas.Armed citizens such as police and military are capable of killing your zombies thus stopping the infection as well as "hero units" that are even more powerful and can take on droves of zombies at once. These hero units add difficulty to the game by turning the odds in favor of the flesh and blood populace, but they aren't invulnerable. Infact, everytime you defeat a hero unit you recieve a zombified version and can deploy them once during battle. You'll recognize a few of the undead units  such the Tank from Left for Dead and Venom from Spiderman, but there are a few unorthodox characters as well including a poison burger dropping Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders, who lays eggs that hatch into zombie chickens. You can use your gold to level up these characters as well and some of the later levels really force you to utilize your whole undead squad.

The graphics are a throw back to the days of old, but it doesn't take away from the frantic action occuring onscreen. In fact, I felt the look of the game really added to the feel of  IWD and have enjoyed the pixelated look that has come back in a few browser and XBLA/ Play Station Network games.

"Switching our currency from paper to giant golden coins was a big mistake"

The game is relatively short in length if you play through in one sitting, with each city invasion lasting from about 5 seconds to just under a minute depending on your infections potency and the resistance of the citizens. You'll often find yourself replaying sections multiple times when met with defeat or in attempting to kill every citizen, which shows up on the overworld map as flaming ruins and is also a requirement for opening up new continents/countries.

You can save your game in between cities, which makes this the perfect game for work since you can pause if your boss walks in or save it for later when things get really busy.

Overall I give this game a big thumbs up, especially for any zombie fanatics or you psychos that just like to torture virtual citizens.


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I love video games and at the same time I love being in good shape. Unfortunately the two don't always go hand and hand, especially if you're a hardcore gamer and are used to a more sedentary lifestyle. Besides the “violent video games make kids shoot people” claim, those pushing for anti-gaming legislation do have a bit of ammunition to use in validating the negative consequences of video games, and that’s the physical shape and health of most gamers.

First, lets be honest with ourselves; video games (besides maybe the Wii) do not promote health. That’s not saying they’re bad, its just that they can contribute to a less active lifestyle which in and of itself is bad. There are a lot of us that have found a happy medium, while others have gone to the extreme end of the spectrum. Extremes are never good. I relate it to consuming alcohol; when you’re in control it’s can be a pleasurable pastime but too much and it turns into a mess.

Second, how can we possibly be good stewards of video gaming and represent our hobby well if we’re in poor health and look like slobs? People attach poor health to video games because there are millions of gamers out there that illustrate the fact. You could hardly defend the use of alcohol if you’re slurring your words and vomiting all of yourself, how can you possibly defend games if your belly hangs over your pants and you’re wheezing after walking 30 yards?

I don’t believe that video games necessarily have addictive qualities, but like food I believe people allow themselves to become addicted as a means of coping. That’s fine, I escape to the digital realm on a regular basis, but I’ve also found other ways to escape that make my mind and body feel great.

I understand working out isn’t for everyone, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is about introducing yourself to fitness/better health through the medium you love the most and after while you may just find that you like it, even crave it.

1.Change your beverage habits while gaming. In my hey day, I’d consume 5-6 soft drinks while playing long late night stretches of gaming. A Mountain Dew (my beverage of choice at the time) has 170 calories and 46 grams of sugar, which doesn’t sound like much until you realize that after 6, I’ve consumed over half of my daily caloric need and its all from empty calories. Start by splitting your time between diet and regular, than go all diet, then split your diet with water and finally use water as your gaming beverage of choice. You’ll be hydrated, consume 0 calories and realize that your energy level steadily increases without the aid of stimulants such as caffeine.

2.Change your eating habits as well. If I didn’t eat before I played, I’d often reach for easy foods such as chips, candy and other junk staples. After I put down a bag of Taco flavored Doritos, I realized that between that and the pop I’d consumed my calories for the day, and my body had received nothing of nutritional value. Make sure to get yourself a healthy meal before playing, and if you want a snack, go for low fat popcorn, grapes or unsalted almonds (obviously in moderation).

3.Get some sleep. Sleep is very important to your health, and lack of it is dertimental. Reduce your late night gaming to the weekends, when you can sleep in a little longer the following day. keep in mind though that illuminated screens like tvs and computer monitors make it difficult to sleep, so give yourself enough time in between gaing and your bed time to let your mind cool down a bit.

4.Give yourself activity breaks. When I first began my transition into a healthier way of living, I told myself that for every hour I played I’d take a 5-10 minute break to walk the stairs, do jumping jacks or other physical activities. This helped because I didn’t feel bored or too tired after exercising like this and realized that after playing for 3-6 hours I actually got a solid workout in. Eventually I increased the intensity and would do plyometrics for ten minutes each break, which got my heart rate going and increased my energy.

5. “Punish” yourself for poor gaming. I remember when I played football I’d have to do pushups, run laps ,etc if I made a mistake on the field. Why not translate that to gaming? I got to the point that I did a few push ups every time I died in Bad Company 2, which resulted in around 30-40 push ups by the end of a game (I obviously wasn’t very good). It not only got me stronger but actually made me think more about the strategy I was using. No more stupid mistakes because the more I made, the harder it was to hold the control.

6. Use gaming as a reward. In the beginning, I fooled myself into thinking that I could play for a bit before going to workout. Three hours later I’d lost interest in being physically active all together. Once you’re consistent with a workout routine, make sure you complete it before embarking on a session of gaming. Your brains derives pleasure from both and will sometimes be content with only completing the easier one. Make your brain crave exercise and the reward of video games will be much sweeter.

7.Try a Wii.  The Wii is a great tool for beginning your transition, even if you don’t like the fitness games. Because you’re forced to stand more than sit, you actually end up burning more calories and working stabilizer muscles at the same time. If you’re sitting while playing the games, you are kind of missing the point (all though I know there are some games that are more old school in their control schemes).

It’s not that tough and once you see and feel the results of these slight modifications to your gaming routine, you may just want to do a little more. If you truly want to stick it to the haters, finish a 5k with a Contra shirt on or pull up your shirt to reveal washboard abs while contesting the reputation of gamers. In the end, a true gamer wants to play for as long as they can, don’t miss out on future generations of gaming because of irresponsibility and a premature death.    

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Eh...took certain liberties with that one.
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