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Jeff reviewed GT4
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Devs always say this junk, its just a pr stunt imo.
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I'm one of the very few people in the world that finds Apple to be very immature, I'm sorry it is, you don't see WWE taken shots at TNA all the time (its the other way around btw) I makes them look like a 2nd rate company with their ads and commercials.
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Most people think RTW or METW2 is better then ETW, personally I would go with Empire Total War, I'm just not a fan of batman, I just don't see what the big deal is about the game.
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Huge gap man, I could list like 25 games but i won't  here are some of my favs though.
Company of hero 
world in conflict 
supreme commander 
empire total war 
civilization iv 
sins of a solar empire 
rome total war 
orange box 
assassins creed 
mass effect 
fallout 3 
i could go on but you get the point
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I have a elite system.
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Forza 3, which I have enjoyed quite more then i like to admit so far.
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Forza 3 is the better overall game according to the scores but if you don't like racing games its hard to jusitfy picking it up, I would go with Borderlands, unless you like racing games then go with Forza 3.
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GTA IV  BOGT is a option, or Dragon Age if you like rpgs.
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No, it depends on were you go at really, I haven't notice any bias at the ones I visit in my area.
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