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This is such sad news. Ryan was such a happy guy, was a joy to listen too and watch. My condolences goto all his family and his friends. My heart goes out to you all. To the giant bomb crew I can't imagine how your feeling at this time my thoughts also go out to all if you. Ryan will be missed by the whole gaming community. Such a sad loss RIP Ryan davis.

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@chavtheworld: it might be business but its bad business. If someone gave you a second hand tv would you accept paying say Samsung a large fee to be able to use it at your home?

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@bacongames: to be honest I never thought of that! In a way it is to make Microsoft or whoever made the game money from the resale. If the install fee is cheap enough like a used game, then it would be ok. But if the store you buy the game from is selling the pre owned game for say £25 and then a install fee was £10 I think that wouldn't work so much. As your be almost paying full price. But we will never no until e3 what's happening.

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The thing is with the whole used games thing is surely your entitled to sell that game if you no longer need it? Or buy it second hand if you want. If every industry did this we could have car companies making you register the new car to you so you can't sell it on. No used car market = no new car on little Billy's 17 birthday. Sounds stupid I no but you own something you should be allowed to sell it, or buy used.

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If I have to pay a fee to play a used game I have bought from a store or anyone, then maybe xbox one isn't for me. Who are they to tell me I can't even give my game to a friend and let them play it? So if it going to be true, if I was to lend my mate a game he would have to pay to play it on his system. That would be madness.

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for what ive read on this site before and after the wiiu launch is that giant bomb are pretty much against wiiu from the start. ive had no trouble with load times, heck assassins creed 3 on my ps3 takes longer to load levels or dont giant bomb consider running around in a white room of nothingness a loading screen? wiiu isnt perfect but neither was 360 or ps3 but they gave them a chance. what i hate is the jeff this just sucks and you must all agree or ill raise my voice on this podcast till you do bullshit. give the system a chance like you did the others. i like it the social side of wiiu is great, to me it all runs smooth. im not sure if slow loading is a US thing but here in England ive had no trouble, all seems the same as any console, even my update only took 15 mins.

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What winds me up is that is a impressive launch but still you get people saying it isn't. No matter what Nintendo do they will always be slated. I've preordered mine and will quite a lot of those game. And I own all other consoles. I'll get fifa13 on wiiu as well.

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my 3ds lasts for a couple days when left in sleep mode, i dont see what all the moaning is about with the battery, ive never had a problem with it, even with 3d turned right up.

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the thing is the 3ds isnt a doomed handheld, they released it at a high price when we are in a global recession, thats why it hasnt sold that well, plus the lack of good AAA games didnt help it. The 3ds is still a great handheld, i prefer it over my DSi anyday. its easier to get a smart phone like a iphone cos you get the device almost free with a long monthly contract so there is no need to pay 300+ for the iphone itself on day 1.