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Aaaaand now it's in Papers Please!

source: https://twitter.com/dukope/status/350919332613726208

and it looks like the forum redesign broke the diagram, I found the original email and took a screenshot:

bwahaha, personal gratification

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now find a way to mount a ps3/360 controller to it like these guys:

(which they admit they stole from reddit)

There's also this: http://buy.thegameklip.com/ - PS3 controller only though.

Unfortunately there don't seem to be any hard shell cases for the 2013 nexus 7 yet, so i'm waiting on that.

On games:

I've been having a lot of fun with vice city, though the touch controls are a bit wonkey. Have yet to really try a controller yet, mounted or not. I have a ton of games from the humble bundles, so if you've done those it could be a start.

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I do believe this deserves a bump.

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looks so silly

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Damn you Steam, I bought these when I thought they were cheap! Now the only one I don't own is Red Faction, which is the only game on the list considered bad. This may be the first humble bundle I don't buy :\

Edit, actually, I can just buy Red Faction for a dollar. I'll do that then.

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Glad I waited :D

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This took me a bit of effort to get right, so I guess it's worth putting up here. These are clues for the telescope room/observatory (ordered in increasing spolierness):

  • The telescope should be facing outwards towards the camera when the player can see the exit door. From what I can tell, the only thing in the sky is facing this way.
  • What you're looking for can only be seen at night.
  • Look for two red dots blinking back and forth. They seem to make a pattern.
  • Exit the telescope and enter the pattern by pulling your left and right triggers respective to the dots.
  • The pattern is LL R L R L R LLL R LL RR L. You might need to repeat it. in case i got the loop endpoints wrong.
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I need the 10 online games achievement. @me if you do so i get a notification.

EDIT: xbox, sorry.

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Well I thought I had a great run (1:59.16) on the race course until I saw . Oh well.

Straus (not GB) has since improved his time to 1:59.89, so him,

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Spins get a lot more crazy when you wind them up, rather than starting them in the air.

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