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Would be interested in some sort of tournament on PS4, a league not so much

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South Park or Hearthstone

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heidfeld wasn't making that corner, utterly mindless from prost. at least it gives something to talk about, there wasn't much else in it really

man of the race, montagny, drove brilliantly

would be interested in seeing where the fanboost was used by di grassi. didn't seem to have an effect.

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It's a dumb and unenforcable rule, because any advice to the driver's driving can surely be done in the name of safety, or with code. Just totally pointless and I hope the teams show the FIA up next race by flaunting it completely.

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I'm Welsh, and I can't believe any Scot wouldn't jump at the chance to get away from the toxic British ruling class. The politics of fear have really come to the forefront recently and they have gotten increasingly dirty as the possibility of a yes has actually become more and more likely. What is the worst that can happen if you gain independence really? Because nothing at all will change with a 'no'.

I hope they vote yes for their own sake, even if it might be detrimental to the UK as a whole.

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i work in secondary school in wales/england and can chip in on kids aged 11-16

11-13 year olds are similar to your kids, love minecraft and call of duty, gta was massive for a few months, and they start to get into fifa. they can't get enough of youtubers. watching people open card packs on ultimate team is like crack to these guys. i saw a girl with a pewdiepie bag once.

14-16 are much more into fifa generally, one of them asked it i played fifa and i wrote my ultimate team on the board while on supply, some of them took pictures of it on their phone. they all have stories which they tell each other and i'm confident that 90% of the time it is bullshit. i sometimes have a little laugh to myself at some of the stuff they come out with. i mentioned that i was playing x-com to a few of them, and one of them came back a few weeks later and thanked me, saying it was incredible.

a lot of girls can be caught playing candy crush etc on their phones.

i once wore a giant bomb t-shirt on non-school uniform day but nobody recognised it.

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I moved medical files from one warehouse to another. They had to be packed into metal crates, loaded into a van, then unloaded in order in the new warehouse.

The best part was that they were sorted by year in the original warehouse, and they wanted them sorted by name in the second. So unloading them onto shelves was a huge guess.

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hopefully the williams/mclarens push the merc's, otherwise i think nico will be happy enough to cruise behind lewis for a race

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Spookin' with Scoops, QL Solo, Worth Playing, Box Office Bomb, DOTA.

I also didn't bother with Binding with Isaac, that game does nothing for me.

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This is the video game equivalent of two awesome foods combining to make a terrible mess. Some sort of gang beasts competition is a great idea, but it should be its own thing.

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