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surely it'll be a late november 2012 podcast?

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Man there are some humourless souls here. Sera being GB's character of the year would make my year.

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As long as each round is at least best of 3, if not 5, I'm in for anything.

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I'm in the UK and had no problems setting up a US account and buying a PSN card on eBay to buy fibbage.

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There will be 5 over the Christmas week discussing all of goty categories, plus videos of each personal top ten among others. You can check out previous years on the website.

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If you preorder then you're basically saying you don't care about the reviews, if you are waiting, any technical issues will be flagged up pretty soon and you can go off other reviews for the gameplay experience. I'm struggling to see the issue here.

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seems like something to do during the summer if it was to be done

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my mum and dad completed diablo together on the ps1

now they just play phone stuff, my dad likes spider solitare and my mum likes candy crush etc

had a fun game of fibbage with them and my sister a few weeks back

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so when are these guys going after all the political and sports journalists that are involved with people in their field?

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does one of these death threats actually have to be carried out before this is taken seriously?

although i'm sure even then people would use the 'they don't represent us' defence still