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the obviously way to go with persona 5 is drew/jeff and vinny/alex playing at the same time, like with deadly premonition

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@brendan said:

@wlleiotl: Or maybe they weren't wrong, and an easier difficulty is perfect for them. The difficulty you like isn't going away.

what does that even mean? i would hope that people can learn the systems on an easier difficulty and then maybe go back to the real game and realise they were a bit hasty in dismissing the original. you seem to be projecting something that isnt there

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its a shame that they had to do this, but fair play to them for doing it. hopefully people who (unfairly) wrote it off will give it another chance, and maybe after trying it on the easy levels, go back to the original and realise they were wrong

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Nice write-up.

I got it from gamefly or an equivalent, so played it on easy for the story. There is one moment which ranks up with the obvious in FF7 for me as something I will always remember and that's enough for me to think of it fondly.

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you have to be willing to think about what went wrong, and not do that next time. most people must be following the same strategy again and again and when it doesnt work saying fuck this game instead of considering whether they are the problem

im on chapter 5 after about 4 hours of play and with the exception of a russian roulette bullet, am certain that my strategy for each chapter had a 100% success rate, once i had figured out what was going on

chapter one: get down to one hostage, watch them closely, really not much else to it

chapter two: beg when you are on lowest health, alternate provoke, don't think when someone is on the rack.

chapter three: this was really easy, use a bit of paper when you get the results of the antidote to decide what is possible, time management, did this with about 6 hours to spare

chapter 4: have the doctor make 4-5 antidotes, kill everyone but jack and the dog, then relax,

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I'm sure he'll join up once a week when he's more settled

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@shivoa said:

@patrickklepek said:

I have to imagine paying a few dollars to start playing Dragon Age: Inquisition nearly a week before release is going to be awfully tempting, especially since your progress will be saved. Any takers?

Would I pay $5 a month to get access to a demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition 5 days before release? Even with progress from the demo carrying over to the full game that is a massive step too far, not a chance I'll pay EA to normalise charging for demos.

but if you finish it you've just saved yourself $55

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they already have something like this don't they? I've paid £20 to play FIFA a week early the past few years

shameful i know

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the russian roulette part is the only bit that has felt cheap so far, and each level has only felt hard at first, until you learn what systems are in place. after that you might die to a bad roll, but if you're completely stuck you're doing something wrong

really enjoying it, up to the fourth stage now

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played an hour, made it through the first mission and feel like im pretty close on the second. dunno if there needs to be a seperate tips thread if people want to figure it out on their own. obviously its hard but i dont think its unfair.

pretty excited to play more, and show other people it

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