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Rab Florence

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cant argue with it of course, but its one of the worst parts of f1, the results being changed hours afterwards

hope danny/drew check before they start the podcast !

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decent race, not a classic by any means, bottas did a great job of keeping it interesting

all the racing will be in a midfield again while theres a mercedes on the road but at least those two are better matched than vettel/webber

the idea that a car could retire at any time, something which was lost in recent years is also encouraging, keeping the tension alive until the end

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fascinating qualifying session, some great performances

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this is really good to show the changes this year

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@dannyodwyer: it's a strange change if you ask me. usually the last years Q3 has had a silent before the storm period with almost no action. so why make it longer?

i think the first two minutes of Q1 is less important than Q3, which as i remember usually had two flying runs from at least half of the runners, and therefore no spare time at all. 12 minutes gives the teams plenty of leeway to make two flying runs even at longer tracks such as spa, when you take into account refuelling etc.

the real reason is probably to shorten the time between the ad break before qualifying and the ad break after Q1 however

@dannyodwyer happy to be the first person to correct you about something you said on the podcast!

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Nice guide, however the qualifying times have changed from 20,15 and 10 minutes to 18, 15 and 12 minutes this year.

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doki doki universe

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shame this didnt happen during the bombcast

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really interesting, all the great guests had even more of an impact after the first minute of jonathon ross explaining pong set my expectations to rock bottom

this also reminds me of something on the bombcast a few months ago, where jeff pondered on what a british version of the twilight zone would be like, black mirror is well worth watching, like pretty much anything with charlie brookers name on

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