Top 10 Video Game Characters You Can Rely On

This is a list of the top 10 characters you can trust to get things done. The ones that save lives. The ones that sacrifice. The ones that kick ass. The ones that can get their ass kicked, and get back up for more.

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Posted by Moncole

Anyone can rely on Mario, because god knows how much Mario had to save Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom

Posted by ChuckG14

why the fuck aint mario up there as number one?? he only been in over two hundred game kicking ass and saving the day like wtf is you stupid or something?? or you just dont play game stupid mf put these lame ass ppl on here that a bet half of the world dont even know who or what game they form . sorry but your list is fake and fucking stupid and lame

Posted by WMoyer83

One reason Mario is not on the list : the game Mario is Missing. And Chuck G, your concept of the English language is pretty horrible. Maybe you should stop skipping school.