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I don't think it is intrusive but I know it is there. In Forza the only place you see it is once you load the track you're racing on, you'll see it on the pre-race menu. It is a small 'Y' icon up in the corner with the message beside it that says "want to level faster?" or something like that. You have to look for it but it is there.

I haven't seen anything in Dead Rising 3 or Lego Marvel Hereos. In NBA2K14 it is an option in a 2nd or 3rd level menu (the menus are a mess regardless). Those are the only games I have so I can't speak to any others.

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I'll haven't messed with this since launch day but I don't remember it being that involved. I don't have an Xbox Music Pass but my main PC is on Windows 8.1. I was able to use Xbox Music to stream my collection stored on my computer (like I could on my 360). I'll double check when I get home to make sure.

Update: Very odd, I can snap the Xbox Music app and play a small portion of my actual collection. A bunch of my playlists show up but it will skip through most of the songs. However I can stream a 'radio station' of a particular artist without issue, playing songs that are not even in my collection (again, I do not have an Xbox Music pass).

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Hmm... Shouldn't I get a code for the steam version since I bought it from their site? I seem to remember it saying that when I bought it.

The devs love for GB is awesome.

You should be able to go onto your Humble Store profile and look up the game on your list, there should be a Steam code on its page now.

I don't really know what you mean. I have never created an account to Humble Store. That was not required when I bought the game. I just bought through Paypal and got an email with a download link.

Edit: so I just emailed the dev and they just sent me a Steam code... Kind of weird, but also awesome.

"I can give you the code right here! Enjoy!"

I had to do the same thing since my Humble store account email is different from the one I used to buy the game with (bought directly from the developer). The developer is very friendly, extremely helpful, and sent me a Steam code quickly. That and his love for GiantBomb makes me want to support every single game he creates.

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If it is the SteamBox I just don't get the excitement. A lot of us already have SteamBoxes...our gaming PCs. Regardless there is no way it would ever stop me from buying a Xbox One or PS4 or vice versa (having a next gen console would never stop me from having a gaming PC).

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For me it had to be the building agitation on Ryan's part as Jeff continued to sneak Wiiware releases into the show each week. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

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My deepest condolences to Ryan's wife and family, and the entire GiantBomb crew. RIP Ryan.

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I'm sure plenty of peeps are excited about this....but its gotten to the point that all I want to hear from Valve is something about Half-life 3. Sad but true.

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I have to admit, it was a bit of a letdown for me. I really liked San Andreas but I was hoping for a brand new setting this time around. That being said I sure I'll be getting it day one.

As a side note why is Joystiq talking about the 'Vinewood' setting for the game...it is as if they don't realize that GTA's LA is Los Santos. Odd.

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Some thing with both my Steam and 360 cheevos.

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Best..... Artist's interpretation.....ever

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