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Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wolfblitzer85

3DS Friend Code for you! 3136-6568-0562 Let me know if you add me so I can add you!

I'm just a dude who enjoys all types of video games. While I am a PC gamer at heart, I am willing to sit in front of whatever can play a video game no matter the platform.

I've been playing video games most of my life, and at 25 I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!

Consoles I own:




360 (Gamertag Wolf Blitzer85)

DS Lite



Atari 2600 (Still need to find a power cord)

Soon to be PS3 owner as soon as I can afford one :(

I try not to be judgmental towards a game until I have had the chance to actually play it and make a solid decision. All games deserve some sort of attention, whether they be bad or good. As long as a game is fun to me, then I'll play it.

Bottom line, I fucking love video games!