A ramble inspired by HDR.

I'm sure most of you well versed in the world of valve have heard of the project Black Mesa. For those not in the know, Black Mesa is essentially a complete overhaul of Half Life 1 utilizing the wonderfully current and shiny source engine that we all know and love.
 Now this project has been going on for what seems like an eternity, same as Half Life Episode 3. It kind of makes me think that there is some crazy connection between the release of this mod and Episode 3. After watching this trailer again and again I still couldn't help but get excited to play this game every time.


So hey, I was thinking. Considering HL2: Ep. 3 is going to finish the whole Half Life 2 story arc (and let's not forget about the eventual Half Life 3), I would figure a free product such as this would definitely build some much needed interest in the franchise because of a few interesting things I noticed:
Everyone on steam pretty much owns a source engine game. Either TF2 or Portal when they gave it away for free, all the way back to Half Life 2, that is all you need to run Black Mesa as it's a mod of the source engine and rebuilding the assets from HL1 and giving it a much more modern look.
The other thing was that I don't think really anyone gives a shit about Half Life anymore except for those crazy people like me who spent this past afternoon playing HL2: Lost Coast checking out that sweet HDR and forcing crazy amounts of supersampling on it while still getting like 120fps.
So why not put out this game that looks pretty close to getting done (fingers crossed of course), and create more stir for Valve's own product which would of course have to be announced at the release of this?
I don't know. I was just thinking about the VGA's and all. I heard Valve was going to announce something and got all wishful and stuff. Looks like it's Left 4 Dead 3 or at least something with zombies in it.

 Infected is to Zombie as Little Person is to Midget. And Jeeps.

Admit it though, those green things from HL1 would still freak you out right?

My thoughts on Halo Reach's AI

 There are a lot of complaints out there about how the friendly AI in Halo Reach is garbage and how you have to do all the shooting (playing the game) as of late.
I suppose this could be a problem as it is with some other games out there, but for whatever reason, I have not noticed this behavior with the rest of the noble six squad in my current push to get through the campaign on heroic. Most people say the AI doesn't really shoot at anything and really isn't any help, but I disagree. There have been many instances where another squad mate, or a group of marines, have really saved my ass. 
Take that one mission "Nightfall" where at the end you're defending that spot with Jun or whoever when they drop two hunters on you along with some cloaked dudes. The cloaked ones were easy enough to deal with, but fuck those hunters all the way to hell. Eventually I was able to lure those godforsaken creatures over by Jun where he immediately began firing on the things. They were distracted, and I saw that as a chance to go to town. Unfortunately, one hunter turned towards me and picked me as a suitable target. It was go time, and I had to get some distance between that other hunter, so I lured the one that I was dealing with further away which took a little time. 

 Hunters usually roll in twos. That way they can be extra shitty

Did my thing, and the dude was dead. Okay one down, one more to go. Much to my surprise, by the time I got back to the yellow dot, Jun had managed to kill the other hunter. How I do not know, but he did it.
I just got done playing through "Tip of the Spear" (heh), and once again it was another damn hunter that was messing things up for me. I had killed everything minus one hunter who had ran back into the building where the thing you had to blow up was in. I took a peak and he was just chillin over in the corner of one side of this room, so I decided to creep around back, melee the shield to death, and chuck a grenade in there. 
Success! It worked and sure enough I completed my objective. Now I had to go defend the landing zone or "LZ" as those who like to say that out loud call it, so we could get our asses out of there. With a group of marines at my disposal, we began clearing out the convenant that showed up. Unfortunately that damn hunter was still walking around and took to my marines while I ran around smashing skulls in. Amazingly enough, with seemingly only one marine dead, they were able to take out that second hunter for me with about six (out of however many) still remaining and ready to fight another round.
Of course the spire section was easy as hell. All I did was let the other Spartans run forward and draw all the fire while I crept around the side and jetpacked my way to the space elevator. 

 These guys deserve a little more credit.

  So these are just a few examples on how the AI really has proved themselves as not just worthless cannon fodder yelling battlefield jargon repeatedly. They do serve a purpose, I believe it's up the the player to figure out how to use these potential tools rather than have the game lay it out for you.
 I was just wondering if anyone else out there has seen their Noble Squad kick ass on the field, or see a marine totally take out an Elite. If not, then maybe my copy of Halo is from space or whatever.

Space Halo

  I don't know. I'm just gonna go play some more Halo.
P.S. The more I look at it, the word "space" starts to look really weird.
Edit: Hah! And the next mission is totally in space! Halo's influence knows no bounds.