Final Fantasy IX Swordfighting Mini-Game

So I'm running through FFIX again due to it being one of my all time favorites. I never used to be that good at the mini-games (ESPECIALLY the jump rope mini-game, that was HELL).

Proof for any non believers (dont ask about that number 7 hovering in the corner...I was playing on a VERY old TV).
Yet when it came to the button bashing swordfighting mini-game...for the first time ever...I got 100%. I got the 10,000 gil being the klutz that I am...I forgot to head on over to Queen Brahne and claim my Moonstone. GODAMMIT!


Too many Chocobos spoil the...KWEH?!

I have absolutely no idea how this happened. I sent three of my units out on an errand to a volcano to look for a gold vein and they come back with TEN chocobos and an egg.
Now I don't mind one or two monsters tagging along...but TEN?! Why did this happen? I've now dismissed all but Boco and a Black Chocobo. I'm hoping that the egg will be a Red Chocobo so I can just dismiss any that wish to join in the future.  

Welcome to the Zoo...  

Idiocy in Ivalice.

I thought I'd start a blog about my recent stupidity when playing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

This is what I'm aiming for from now on.
So I started a New Game and followed the tutorial before playing and then continued to play through the game, aquiring new abilities as I went. After about twenty hours of grinding and struggling though many, many, MANY battles. I reached Level 12. Now I know some of you may be thinking 'WTF?!' but hold on a second. Me being the dimwitted chap that I am. The whole time I'd been purchasing abilities on the JP screen...I had never once thought of moving the D-Pad left or right. Yes. I am a FOOL. A complete cretin. Twenty hours of gameplay and I'd not aquired one reaction/support ability. Thus rendering my units semi useless.
So this is why. I have started a brand new save file and carefully planned out how to build my units. I kept the original New Game unit setup - Ramza and Delita as Squires, four more Squires and two Chemists. I plan on aquiring all reaction/support abilites and having all of them learn Auto Potion before the incredibly ANNOYING battle againt the unit turned traitor known as Argath.
So I'll keep you posted with how my units progress through the story. At this moment in time. My entire team have all progressed to level six and all have a job level of five (Bear in mind that I've only just had rescued Argath from the Corpse Brigade).