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I've been having a problem watching videos in the player. I always download HD to watch video and recently it has been VERY slow. Like half FPS but the audio is normal speed. I'm on Chrome and a HP laptop. Restarting my computer fixes the problem for a limited amount of time and then no video works again. Any help?

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I'll be over here on my Xbox busting fools :p

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@sor_eddie said:

@wolfhazard: Everything you just wrote in your long rant about how @TheDefender89 is "one of....t-t-the EVUL ones!!!" comes off as ridiculous self-parody and I hope you know that, but I'm sure you don't. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid!

Go ahead and refute it then. I dare you to even try.

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@frozen said:

@wolfhazard: Not sure why that account had been flagged; so I had to create this account for some reason. Regardless, I fail to see how it's racist (considering, I'm not white and I've not seen evidence of racism; I've been on the receiving end of it though) and I don't see it as misogynist either.

Yes, I think being about ethics in games journalism is more realistic and less tin-foily than a group of 300 terrorist misognyerds wanting to harass women.

But, agree to disagree, judge on the merit of my argument.

Let me ask you this if you're not "white", why do you want to belong to a group of right wing gamers that don't want diversity in gaming? You want your evidence of racism? How about the outrage that comes from GamerGate and KotakuInAction whenever someone brings up "hey wouldn't it be cool if there were more people of color in this game"? You want evidence of misogyny? Well I don't know where to start.. GG hates the idea that women could play games, or develop games, or be the main character of a game. The whole thing is inherently misogynistic. Being anti feminist is misogynistic and how about just the straight up death threats and harassment of women that has been done under the GamerGate banner. The list goes on and on.

Sure maybe racism isn't as evident, but any right wing group of people inherently is going to be racist at it's core whether its upfront about their racism or just alludes to it when conversations about people of color in gaming comes up. GamerGate isn't about ethics in games journalism, it never was and it won't ever be.

I'm not sure what argument you're even trying to make, I'm just explaining why your account was probably flagged and why you shouldn't be surprised people won't take anything you say seriously when you openly admit being part of a hate group.

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@amyggen said:
@lesaboteur said:

@thedefender89: I really, really can't take you seriously with that user icon, bud.


My user icon is of a gaming icon on a gaming forum. I see no problem.

The ride never ends.

well you are openly affiliating yourself with a misogynistic, racist internet hate group.. so maybe that's the problem. But hey, it's probably about ethics in games journalism right?

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If you guys missed the epic metldown these people had over their studio closing... you're welcome lol

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I do but it's actually because I never played the original and I want to see what all the hub bub is about. Also I thought Crisis Core and Advent Children were cool.

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We can officially add Austin now right?

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Metal Wolf Chaos might be the three coolest words ever strung together, like of all time. How have I never heard of it until now?

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Sounds perfect for 3DS!