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The Quick Look should just be a closeup of Jeff's face with him saying, "Fuck Majora's Mask." Shortest QL ever.

That would be funny if it wasn't the best Zelda game of all time

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I don't remember who said it, but they were right. I don't follow giant bomb the site I follow Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Drew, Alex, Dan and Patrick*. The personalities are what I care about, I love you guys and I will follow wherever you go too now Patrick. Good luck dude.

*and Rorie and Jason and Danny** when I get to see and hear you guys

**gamespot I know, but you know what I mean

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Sweet! One of my favorite developers and games

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Destiny, I manages to get all three characters to 29 before TDB hit and now I'm working my way to at least 31 with everyone before I tackle Crotas End.

Has anyone run the nightfall this week yet? The new strike was terrifying as a weekly heroic 30. Good god.

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And I'll end with the game crashing. Fuck this game u_u

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I hope you think this looks fun.

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I mean surely Patrick will be involved, on the morning show he was saying all the games e has to play in preparation for talking about what the SF guys were going to argue about.

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Iron from ice are just three words that sound awesome

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Guys it's a video game have fun