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If you guys are hiring for New York I live in NJ, I'm not very editing friendly but I know A LOT about dragon ball z ;)

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Really glad she found work however I can't help but groan every time I hear "star wars project". But hey I like her work and maybe this will be the one.

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Patrick needs more credit, this is one of the best articles,( not only on this subject but in general) I've read in a long, long time. Going back to re-read some stuff that went over my head.

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I hope Vinnys stroke wasn't too serious

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Hahahhahah goood lord

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Wait what is this NDXand why can't I find it on iTunes and where can I find it now :o

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It's a pretty long video but if you're interested at all I suggest you check it out!

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@drewbert said:

We did it live, in case you were wondering. The archive should be up soon.

Oh thanks for explaining Drew, I was waiting for someone to answer.

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last nigth for2:30 PM, It's 5:30 now and I can't seem to find it anywhere on the site, and now it's not on the side bar did they decide not to do one?

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So I found out where to go and it was really crazy. This game is fantastic, and I won't spoil anything but I'll leave you with this. Sea Evil