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Awesome, thanks for the fast responses. However, how does that stop someone from signing on all third friends computers and downloading the games for everyone? I can't imagine there's no DRM, can you only be logged into Steam on one PC at a time?

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The humble THQ bundle convinced me to download Steam as I couldn't pass up Metro and SR3 for 5 bones. Anyway, I don't currently have a computer and I downloaded Steam/the bundle on my girlfriends laptop, my question is can I download the Steam app on my computer when I build it next month, or are the games/steam client now tied to my girlfriends computer? I never played PC games before and my only familiarity with DRM stuff is on my 360, which is a major haste to deal with when switching systems. Thank you.

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@BisonHero said:

Do people even try to skim the forums anymore in case somebody has already made their topic?

This is General, I don't/didn't go to the MGS4 fourms to look.

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Am I the only one confused? :o

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Did I miss something?


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Added all of these that I haven't seen yet to my instant queue! If anyone else has any to add please do but I'll be busy for a bit, going to do Pontypool.

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I'm not really sure, honestly I had a bad crippling car accident last year, and it's been a really tough recovery but despite all that I got a place with my girlfriend, have a good stable job and I'm 21. I really like this whole "grow up and be a real person shit" phase, but man, being a kid was pretty sweet, at least for my generation in my opinion.

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Starting your son on the 360. Good man!

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Also if anyone listens to the GI podcast they just did a quick 20 minute special on just GTAV. It's not the best podcast tbh, kind of boring but decent information.