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The next generation is truly here. I'd totally watch five Paul Blart movies.

Would you watch Grown Ups 5 times. JUST HOW FUCKING COMMITTED ARE YOU

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All this video did was show me Dead Space 3 came out this year and I couldn't believe how little I cared about a Dead Space game.

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I want this to be @rorie first next gen achievement.

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One thing I just realized after playing through the last chapter of the episode is the situation with the cigarette machine. I gave Faith some money in the beginning of the story and that meant that I didn't have any money throughout the rest of the episode. If I would have kept the money, I probably would have had money to buy a pack of cigs.

It's probably a minor decision but I wonder what kind of effect it would have had on the story if it went that way.

I didn't give Faith the money and I still wasn't able to use the cigarette machine; however, I was able to pay for my drink after I beat the shit out of that one guy in the bar. Pretty satisfying.

I felt kind of dumb at that point because I didn't realize that giving the money to Faith would not allow me to pay for the drink. So, after I was just a total badass and beat the shit out of this guy, I walk up to the bar and reach into my pocket and Bigby is just like "...shit." Suddenly, I didn't feel so cool.

I just wanted to point out I actually reset because of this. It felt damn good to beat the shit out of Grendel, I tore his arm off and looked like a total badass... I get to the bar and I saw the option to pay and I thought "Hell yeah im gonna throw money at her and walk away as a big fuck you" and suddenly Bigby is all "Oh sorry im out of cash :/" and I was like NOPE. Reset and did the whole fight over again just to say I wasnt paying ahah,

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If Minecraft doesn't win something is very wrong with you all.

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Patch today, here's the 360 notes.

Xbox 360 Patch 2 now live (North America). Other territories expected to go live later this week.

•Fixed instances of players being unable to continue save progress from the main menu after dying or restarting at certain scenarios. Users should be able to recover save games stuck in this limbo state.

•Prevent user from entering an ‘infinite falling’ state when dying or restarting in certain scenarios. Users should be able to recover from save games stuck in this ‘infinite falling’ state.

•Fixed situation where the elevator in the GCPD Sewers could ascend without Batman.

•Properly display the Save Icon to better match the timing of when the console performs the Save action. This should help guard against users turning the console while saving.

•In rare cases, Free Flow Focus mode was not being unlocked properly when completing Shadow Vigilante Rank 3. This has now been resolved and players who have been affected should now have the upgrade as intended

•It was possible to get to a limbo state where the Black Mask Drug Stash side mission could not be completed properly if the user restarts at an awkward time during the final encounter. This has been corrected, and affected save files should no longer be in this state.

•Audio would not revert to English properly if logging out the XBox profile while using a language pack if the user then starts a new game without signing in a new profile. This is now fixed.

•Cleaned up some references to Fireteam during SP which should no longer be necessary.

•Fixed an issue where the Story Progress would suddenly jump to 90% before the morgue, allowing user to see some of the endgame synopsis before it occurs.

•User was unable to bypass the electric floor sequence when coming back to the Royal hotel a second time after a bug where the user can unintentionally skip the sequence the first time. This should no longer be possible.

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My game must have froze/locked up about 7 or 8 times now. I just got done with Copperhead and it's damn near unplayable. Every freeze means I need to get up and turn my 360 off. It's incredibly annoying. I don't think the problem is my console as no other games are doing this. Also my disc is brand new, it went right from the box to the drive so no it's not scratched.

Am I alone? :/

You dont have to get up - you can turn the 260 off with your controller with the middle button.

Not when it freezes >_>

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@crithon: Well as far as tolerating it goes, If there's a patch incoming (which from what the the article Rorie linked stated) I don't mind waiting, I have a bunch of games on the backbuner and Batman isn't at the top of my list right now. I'm not going to return it, mostly because gamestop would give me 10 dollars or 11 store credit. I don't mind waiting on out, but as of right now it's pretty unplayable for me.

It might sound silly, but I 100%d Asylum and City on my Gamertag, so I want to play Origins on it too and get all achievements. Otherwise I'd probably just go PC... maybe.

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@rorie: Based on that article there are a lot more issues than just the freezing I experienced. It makes you wonder how some games get shipped, maybe it's just me but I expect a certain quality from Arkham games. Hopefully all the issues get sorted out sooner or later.