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@rorie: Well, I don't want a corrupt save so I guess I'm waiting on a patch then. Thanks for the heads up, at least it's a known issue.

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My game must have froze/locked up about 7 or 8 times now. I just got done with Copperhead and it's damn near unplayable. Every freeze means I need to get up and turn my 360 off. It's incredibly annoying. I don't think the problem is my console as no other games are doing this. Also my disc is brand new, it went right from the box to the drive so no it's not scratched.

Am I alone? :/

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Everyone forgets DmC :/ I'm holding out for Brad to fight for and with me on it.

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"Louis Lu made a game so that he could play with his son on the other wide of the world."

Think you ment other side of the world

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I'm trying to buy some HDMI cables and i'm in my cart but there is no proceed to check out button anywhere. I'm completely lost right now and have no idea what to do. Is it missing for anyone else right now? What in hell is going on? Also it's not working on my phone either. Am I a moron? Or crazy or wtf

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2DS? Is this a troll article?

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I just bought a 3DSXL and I was browsing the eShop. I noticed they have a ton of Mega Man games and I though maybe now would be a good time to try one. I never played one before so I thought of come hereto ask which one would be a good start?

Also I was shocked to see they don't have any GBA games on the shop, any idea why they're holding them ack? I'd pay a lot for the Advanced Final Fantasys and the Holden Sun/Fire Emblem games.

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The art is cool, and it would be nice but As everyone else mentioned we are not in a position to give permission. Maybe a dedication to Ryan T. Davis during the credits? Also you can call me a dick for pointing this out but it's a pet peeve of mine, title should be A, not An. :p

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Yeah that's him, thanks! I never would have got that spelling lol.

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I keep hearing this directors name and it sounds like thier saying U B Bowl and I'd like to google his work but I can't even find him because I honestly don't know how to spell his name and I don't know any movies he made.

It's really frustrating not being able to google something in this day and age >_> can someone help me out?