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The art is cool, and it would be nice but As everyone else mentioned we are not in a position to give permission. Maybe a dedication to Ryan T. Davis during the credits? Also you can call me a dick for pointing this out but it's a pet peeve of mine, title should be A, not An. :p

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Yeah that's him, thanks! I never would have got that spelling lol.

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I keep hearing this directors name and it sounds like thier saying U B Bowl and I'd like to google his work but I can't even find him because I honestly don't know how to spell his name and I don't know any movies he made.

It's really frustrating not being able to google something in this day and age >_> can someone help me out?

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I won't rest until you do Arcanine.

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Listening to this when I get off work. Really cool of you guys

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I'm fucking shaking pressing play. fuck

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I was wrong

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The Bombcast never missed a Tuesday, this is what Ryan would have wanted. I am however, for once in my life, going into a bomcast with a heavy heart and I don't know what to expect. I want an episode just to see how the crew are holding up. My heart goes out to you all.

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@mesadoram: he still is the best and its a beautiful thing the crew is doing posting these amazing Ryan Davis moments that are somehow filling my heart with bittersweet joy and tears of sadness yet somehow laughter at the same time.