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Let's pretend I'm 4 years old and don't understand computer terms and what they mean. Now pretend I'm 23 and have a budget of $500 and haven't owned a computer in about 2 years and I'm finally sick of using my iphone for everything I do online.

Here's the breakdown. I want a PC, I don't like Macs. I want it to run well enough, it doesn't have to be gaming focused as I don't play PC games, but I would like it to run java/flash as I stream a lot of video and I would like it to look nice.

Honestly I know nothing about ram or processors and what any of that means, so I get really overwhelmed when I look on amazon and I see all these stats and I don't truly know what I'm paying for.

I would really appreciate some recommendations.


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Man I really love Ian, I mean he was new to appearing in content (at least stuff I watched) but damn that dude has a way of talking. Best of luck wherever you go Ian!

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ugh a fucking jess conditt article.

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This is not 2012 GOTY day 2.

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All that said Dead Rising 3 is probably the best launch game of wither console and there are no micro transactions.

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Too bad the achievement isn't called "Watch five good Kevin James movies" - then no one could ever get it.

1. Monster House

2. .......

Okay you win


Chuck and Larry

The Dilemma, Hotel Transylvania are all funny movies.

Hitch was OK. Never saw the other 2 but Chuck and Larry was incredibly homophobic and distasteful. Also not funny

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I had something similar happen to a laptop I ordered on Amazon, it was said to be delivered around 6:30 pm (on the date it was set to arrive), It wasn't at my door, I was going nuts, I thought someone snagged it. I live on a third floor apartment and often UPS delivers to the first floor, he won't walk it up to mine. I called UPS and the person said they would contact the driver. Turns out he marked it that he delivered it but didn't actually make it to my building for the day so I had him come back and give it to me, it took about 2 hours but I got it. I hope that asshole got fired.

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The next generation is truly here. I'd totally watch five Paul Blart movies.

Would you watch Grown Ups 5 times. JUST HOW FUCKING COMMITTED ARE YOU

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All this video did was show me Dead Space 3 came out this year and I couldn't believe how little I cared about a Dead Space game.

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I want this to be @rorie first next gen achievement.