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A very bored teenager, who has nothing to do but play games all day, occasionally draw some art and get on with his homework. Been very bored, it also probably explains why he is a furry.... he likes wolves :)

This guy, been the chat addict he is, will chat with you if you don't act like an utter asshole.

If you can read, you can also see this guy a fanboy of Nintendo, and always will be despite their crap E3 in 2007/08 and them not releasing any decent games on the wii...

This guy also has a Gamespot account account called oliver_475 if you visit there anymore... though, I highly doubt you will.

Oh yeah he also has a live account called Wulfy Odonell45...

His favourite franchises in gaming are; Zelda, Starfox, Mario, Ratchet and Clank, Street Fighter and other stuffz if you ask him....

This guy can't think of anything else to say now...