I kinda abondoned this place when my love for gaming withered for a while....

But hopefully from today I shall be more active :)


A Newcomer Appears!

HELLLLLL YEAHZ! I got this account name w00t!

Hello I'm new here :).... Hey I stated the obvious :D

Well, I came here from a place called Gamespot to check this site out. So far it seems pretty awesome :D, although I don't like all this black... It reminds me of teh emos...

If anyone has any advice to where I should go, just leave me a comment or something...

w00t! My 1st blog is finished! :D

I also like to use smileys! :D... Though I'd let you know ;p

My old account was called Wulfyrokujuyon64... It didn't last very long, lol, since i want this account name!