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Sadly, Bastion was not released on PS3. :(

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@ajokrep: To be fair though, these raids have checkpoints. You don't have to finish them in one session.

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Seems great, I wanted to pick up Rogue Legacy and The Swapper anyway.

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Did anyone preorder the PS3 version?

I'm still not sure whether to buy Destiny for the PS3 or not, since so far, almost all of the coverage / footage I've seen has been from the PS4 version. And I'm pretty sure there will be some differences between these two versions.

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England, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Hungary.

And I'm from Germany.

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Looks ike the second half will be Brazil vs. Neuer.

Edit: Well, maybe not. I hoped Brazil would play a better game for their fans and since Germany only does what they need to do.

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@freakin9 said:

Just a few goals away for the mercy rule to take effect. If you needed convincing Thiago Silva is the best defender in the world...

Maybe not the best, but certainly one of the best. And the brazilian team certainly needed a morale leader like him after the first/second goal.

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3-0 after 25 minutes.....wtf. o_O

Edit: 4-0

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Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. I still own the copy we (my brother +me) bought at the launch of the Gamecube.