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I recall Owl still saying "spill the beans" (though in a very annoying way, I want to punch him every time he says it). I actually never played CoP vanilla, so I am not sure of the difference, but one difference I know of is that they added a lot more guitar tunes. Most of them are covers of known songs, tailored to suit the stalker atmosphere. And they're great. :) Love them <3

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I see the thread is dead, but I'll make a post if anyone finds this thread, perhaps through google like I did. 
Considering how many sources tell that it is available on their website, and how thoroughly I've searched it, I assume that the only version available online is the russian version, and not the english. The same goes for metro 2034, I presume. Note that these are only assumptions since I searched the site using google translater, and it refused to translate pictures (obviously) with text. : / 
It took quite a while for the local library to get 2033, so I doubt I will see 2034 any time soon : (

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Not with Elites as a playable race.
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Nazi and socialist references to a robot dictator bringing revolution to the world.... THIS MADE MY DAY!
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I got stuck on this for ages because I realized it was mushroom after half a second, but then I clicked the real world version, and not the game super version, and thus didn't get any popup, and then continued with searching for other plummer powerups that hippies like, like flowers!

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I'm amazed, after all these posts, there yet is a lack of a certain individual... 
A certain man wearing leather and a red cape... 
A certain King... Leonidas. 
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@Jethuty said:

" @Wolham: spamtard?   arent you the guy who joined 5 mins ago? and didnt you make this thread solely for the quest? "

If I made it solely for the quest, why would I actually take five minutes just thinking of what to make a topic about? This is an honest effort to create great fun.
And nice retaliation, gingertastic. I admit I was a little harsh, but couldn't your "aahh.." had been a little more... Powerful? Like "AAAAHHHH!"
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@gingertastic_10 said:

"ahhh "

Yeah right, spamtard. It's people like you who ruin the brave spirit of the overenthusiastic! FORWARD! TO GLORY!
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Post your favourite warcry(cries)!  Mine are the following: 
Now it is your turn, dear subposter.