Had a pretty awesome Sunday

I woke up this morning around 11 and played a few rounds of Halo 3 until my friend came over at 1. He brought over The Beatles: Rock Band and we played through the whole game and than watched Pan's Labyrinth through Netflix Instant Streaming. 
The Beatles: Rock Band was an awesome game. I totally would have gotten it if it wasn't so expensive. Through out the game we kept switching between guitar and drums. I wanted to sing but he didn't bring his mic. 
Pan's Labyrinth was good. I always enjoy watching a foreign film from time to time. The plot was so rich and I completely understand why that movie won an Oscar.  
He left around 7 and than I watched the Yankee game. Yankees are going to the World Series! 
Then I listened to Major Nelson's podcast. It was quality as always. 
Had a pretty fun and unproductive Sunday. To bad I've go to go to school and work tomorrow. :(


I'm hesitant to buy MW 2

I'm sure Modern Warfare 2 will be an excellent game but I'm hesitant to buy it. I've played every single Call of Duty game since Call of Duty 2 and the gameplay is starting to get really repetitive. I  started to realize how repetitive the COD series has become when I started playing COD: WAW. I was just bored from the start. It was a great game but it was so similar to other COD games that I was just bored. It was supposed to be different because it took place in the pacific but I still found myself bored throughout the campaign.  
I really enjoyed COD 4 so I am really considering MW 2 but I'm just worried that I will fell the same way about it as I felt about COD: WAW.


Wow... I'm fucking unlucky

Okay, so for those who don't know I'm in high school and I work part time at Wendy's. Anyway I was at work today and the big boss who is in charge of all the Wendy's in the area was at our restaurant today. Obviously my manager and the general manager were more stressed than usual that he was here and because of that they had me do a lot of work I usually don't do. Today I had to empty the trash cans outside and throw the trash in the dumpsters.  
I went outside and collected all of the trash and was bringing it to the dumpster and while I was walking to the dumpster I noticed the door that goes in front of the dumpster blew into this car that was right next to the dumpster. I didn't think much of it at first and I just threw the garbage in the dumpster and then I went to take the door off the car and put it in front of the dumpster and I noticed the door put a big mark into the car. As I was walking in I see this big boss running out to that car, which was his car, to get something. 
I became worried. What if this boss goes and notices this mark on his car and blames it on me? I went to the general manager and told him the story and he began to panic and he explained to his boss what happened. The general manager seemed to know it wasn't my fault but I was still worried I was going to get fired. This district boss fired someone on the spot for being on his cell phone once. Anyway it seems like he understood because he told me "don't worry about it, everyone makes mistakes". I just don't understand what mistake I made.


Hot girl makes GB users act different?

  What fascinates me more then that fact that a girl posted sexy photos of herself on a video game website is the way the community has reacted to the photos. When I was reading the 600+ posts in Ms_Chivios last blog post about how she might upload "suggestive" pictures of herself I couldn't help but notice that some users were really acting different. Some people felt the need to really suck up to her while others chose to ridicule her about her decision to post the pictures while others just chose to post some funny perverted joke. I myself acted a bit strange to, instead of commenting on her photos when she posted them I chose to post the technical aspects of the pictures. I'm not really the nervous type but I guess it just feels weird commenting on hot pictures of someone on giant bomb, I thought facebook was the only place for that type of stuff.


My Apology

Okay, so I've realized my last topic was a pretty offensive and arrogant. I guess I'm not comfortable about a gay guy hitting on me. My reaction to him hitting on me was homophobic and I feel awful about it. I'm not homophobic and I don't have anything against the homosexual lifestyle, I guess I just fell a little uncomfortable with a guy being interested in me that way. I'm actually involved in my school's drama every year and around half of the guys I work with are gay. I get a along with them fine and consider them to be my friends, I guess a guy never hit on me before and it caught me really of guard. 
I know I'm not going to get raped when I go to his house tomorrow and he knows I'm not gay so he wont make a move on me. To tell you the truth I knew he wouldn't rape me, I just wanted my topic to get a bit more attention. I'm such a jerk. :(
You guys are probably really looking down at me now and you have every right too. What I wrote was extremely offensive, mean, and hurtful and I apologize to anyone who feels in anyway offended. 


Working at a Fast Food Chain

I'm 16 and I just got my first job recently at my local Wendy's. I'm convinced that they could easily make a spin off of "The Office" about my experiences with this job. First off the customers I deal with can be absolutely hilarious to work with. I never noticed how funny and weird people are. I'll give you a few examples, this old guy came up to my register to make an order. As he approached I said "For Here?" because my manager feels that saying "For Here or To Go?" is to long and confuses customers. He looked at my name tag and responded  by saying "Yes, for here Alex". He ordered two Jr. Burgers and fries and told me to make sure to tell the cook to make the food hot as if it was crucial for me to do so or his food would be cold and unappealing. After I got his order he said "Now Alex did you ask him to make my food hot?" and I responded no just because I don't like lying, I feel that by lying I could possibly end up getting in trouble. For example I found a few $20s in the dining room and immediately brought the money to my manager. What happens if the customer comes in looking for their money and it turns out there was a security camera that caught me pocketing the money. I would have lost my job plus pocketing the money wouldn't have felt right since I wouldn't have earned it. Anyway the guy yelled at me and went on and on about how his food was going to be cold now because I didn't tell the cook to make his food hot. He went and ate his food and left me alone eventually.  
I really do enjoy the job though. I met a friend at work. He's 20 but I don't feel like there is much of an age difference. That's because I feel much older then I am. Sometimes I can't relate to other teenagers. I'm interested in serious topics like the government and the economy and when I talk to people my age sometimes I feel like there is a maturity barrier. I also look a lot older then I am, people always ask me what I'm majoring in when I meet them. I hang out with my friend from work pretty often now, we play music together a lot and it's pretty cool because he can drive past 12 unlike most of my friends that are 17.  
There is the Dunkin' Donuts across the street and the girls that work there are gorgeous. My friend and I keep pursuing these girls with mixed luck. I guess I'm more professional about it, I don't feel comfortable asking girls for there numbers while were both working while my friend will ask customers for there numbers which can be really awkward if there not into him.  
Anyway, thanks for reading.


I feel fortunate

I recently got a part time job at Wendy's. As a 16 year old high school student I could use the extra cash. Before this job I never really realized how fortunate of a life I live. I mean I always heard stories about people that live really tough lives on television but I guess when you see something on television it doesn't always sink. 

I work with a man named Darwin. He is a 23 year old Mexican man and speaks very little English. Every morning he wakes up at 5:30 AM to go and work at McDonald's at 6. He works there until noon and then goes to work at Wendy's until midnight. He never takes any breaks and he works seven days a week. He doesn't have enough time to sleep properly let alone do anything else and he still hardly makes ends meet. 

Many of my colleges are in the same position as Darwin. They work inhuman hours just to be able to barely survive. They work hard hoping that there children will study hard and make something out of themselves.

Harry Potter makes me sad

So about an hour ago I decided to throw Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix into my BD player since I haven't seen the movie since it's release and once Harry got to Hogwarts all I felt was sadness. I grew up with Harry Potter. I remember being in third grade and sitting on this large carpet with the rest of my classmates while my teacher read the first book to me and I was first exposed to Harry Potter and his spectacular imaginary world. We then went on a class trip to a local movie theater to see the movie and everything looked exactly how I envisioned everything in my head. Reading the books and watching the movies brought me to this magical place. 

I wanted to be friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I wanted to go to there magical school. I clearly remember having a crush on Hermione when I was 8 which is pretty funny because I still have a crush on her now. We are pretty similar in age. When I think of Christmas I automatically think of Harry and Ron sitting in the dinning room playing chess in the sweaters that Ron's mom made him or the scene when Harry is outside around the Hogwarts campus with Hedwig while it is snowing. 

Anyway I feel like as I get older Harry Potter's gang is getting older and overall it depresses me. I miss getting lost in Harry's world when I was young. I couldn't finish watching Phoenix. As I attempted to watch it I felt disconnected to the world I used to feel so connected to, this could be because I have a lot of on my mind and I certainly hope that is the case.

 Potter's universe will never have the same effect it had on me as a young child. The doors that lead to Hogwarts have been locked.

This is a great week!

I've got to say I'm having a great week so far. I got my first job on Monday at my local Wendy's which I'm going to start later this week, I got a 32GB iPhone 3G S in black, the girl I've been dating completely digs me, and overall I've just been enjoying life. Oh, and Entourage Season 6 started on Sunday. The first episode was awesome! How has your week been going so far?


I've Got an Interview Today

So I'm a 16 year old high school student with a lot of time on my hands. I could really use a job. I'm not necessarily low on cash but I've been spending $40 bucks every weekend taking girls out and it adds up. I've been applying for jobs frequently and I finally got a interview at Wendy's. I know working at a fast food chain is one of the least glamorous jobs you could have but I don't really care where I working anymore, it is hard getting a job during this horrific economy, even at supermarkets and retail stores. 
So in about 4 hours I have an interview for the job and I am starting to feel kind of nervous. Last year tried to get a job at a local supermarket and I didn't get it because I messed up on the interview. I told the guy I only wanted the job for the summer so he didn't hire me. 
My mother is telling me to wear cacky pants and a polo shirt. I don't mind wearing a polo shirt because I wear polo shirts all the time but I never wear cacky pants. I'll wear them still but I think it is going to look obvious that I'm trying to look good for the interview. I guess that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If any of you have any advice about how to conduct myself during a job interview please let me know.