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A couple of tips for you that will be useful as you find your way around;

* press (what used to be) select on the controller (i.e. button to the left of the centre button) while on the dashboard to access all the console settings. If you don't know about this then it can take a while to find them (as some people have griped about on the forums)

* double tap the centre 'Xbox' button to bring up on-screen icons that will enable snap and unsnap, and the option to start/end a party (i.e. these are button alternatives to the standard use of kinect to make those things work).

I've had an Xbox One for over a year and never knew this, thank you.

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Knuckles man

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@skelotic: Thanks so much, I'm going to try it tonight.

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Hey guys,

I just got my premium membership back and I want to listen to the premium podcasts in Overcast (a podcast app for iOS). I tried using the RSS links but they don't seem to work with the app. Does anyone have any tips?


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Hershey's and Resse's are where it's at. If you like sour candy Sour Patch Kids are pretty good.

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@caska said:

I followed Jeff and Co from Gamespot.

It's crazy to think that I've been visiting this website regularly for almost 7 years now.

@gruff182 said:

Another follow from Gamespot, Jeff got fired, Ryan and co resigned, arrow pointing down and now we're here.

This as well. I was in middle school when I started listening to The Hotspot. Now I'm 22.

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Thanks for letting us know, I recently just got through Jinx and a lot of the Vice episodes. I'll definitely check this out.

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I think he's doing an excellent job. The current atmosphere of the podcast is great. Brad, Jeff, Dan, and Drew really balance each other out well.

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I have a ten year old Samsung DLP TV that looks great still, but does not have HDMI input. Is there a way I could still connect a PS4 or Xbox One to it? Thanks!