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Hershey's and Resse's are where it's at. If you like sour candy Sour Patch Kids are pretty good.

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I followed Jeff and Co from Gamespot.

It's crazy to think that I've been visiting this website regularly for almost 7 years now.

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Another follow from Gamespot, Jeff got fired, Ryan and co resigned, arrow pointing down and now we're here.

This as well. I was in middle school when I started listening to The Hotspot. Now I'm 22.

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Thanks for letting us know, I recently just got through Jinx and a lot of the Vice episodes. I'll definitely check this out.

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I think he's doing an excellent job. The current atmosphere of the podcast is great. Brad, Jeff, Dan, and Drew really balance each other out well.

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I have a ten year old Samsung DLP TV that looks great still, but does not have HDMI input. Is there a way I could still connect a PS4 or Xbox One to it? Thanks!

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A lot of Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes. Recently, a lot of Modest Mouse as well.

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The good news is that connecting it to any PC (Mac or Windows) is pretty straightforward using guides like this. On my PC, it even recognizes the audio channel as a bluetooth speaker, so I think I could get PC audio out through the controller.

The bad news is that most games on Steam support XInput controls (used by 360 controllers) and not DirectInput (used by the PS4 controller). On the Mac, it may not be usable at all; on the PC, there's a tool for emulating an XInput device using a PS4 controller that works okay, though you'll want to test it on a game by game basis, since games that actually support the PS4 controller (Transistor and Broforce so far in my testing) will then register two controllers from one set of inputs.

On OSX, you'll probably need to connect the controller via Bluetooth, then use software like Joystick Mapper to map buttons to the keyboard. A pain, but it will work.

Do you think I'd be better off getting a 360 controller then? I'm trying to make this as easy as possible. I'd need the PC adapter, right? After that would the gamepad automatically configure with Steam on Mac? Thanks.

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I have a MacBook Air and I want to get a controller to play games with. What would you guys recommend? I play mostly Steam games. I'm thinking it might be smart to get one of the newer controllers because they seem more comfortable, but I don't know how the driver support is. What do you guys think?

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@djjoejoe: This. I was so annoyed when they reversed their policies because of no longer being able to install discs. I could have had my library be entirely digital while still shopping for the best price. Eliminating retail competition on the digital versions of games was actually a huge negative for the consumer.

Couldn't agree more.

I wish they would just go back on their word again and ship discs with codes. Allow the codes to reusable if the disc is inserted once so that people can't create crazy game sharing sites. I think people would react well to it if they do a good job explaining it.