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@djjoejoe: This. I was so annoyed when they reversed their policies because of no longer being able to install discs. I could have had my library be entirely digital while still shopping for the best price. Eliminating retail competition on the digital versions of games was actually a huge negative for the consumer.

Couldn't agree more.

I wish they would just go back on their word again and ship discs with codes. Allow the codes to reusable if the disc is inserted once so that people can't create crazy game sharing sites. I think people would react well to it if they do a good job explaining it.

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-Giant Bombcast

-The Vergecast

-The Talk Show with John Gruber

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@bigsocrates: Damn, is there really no way to get rid of application achievements?

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Because the shit's stupid!

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Yeah, every game has been released at midnight pst as well.

Thats one of the changes i love most about the X1

Nice! I'm psyched that my library can just be digital now.

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I wasn't really keeping up during launch time, but I bought an Xbox One. I downloaded TItanfall and it works great. Can I do that for all Xbox One games? Are they released on Xbox Live and disc at the same time? Thanks

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@indieslaw: I feel you man. I fucking love smoking, but unfortunately it just isn't sustainable.

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@jamessmarion: I'm really going to try to go to this. Do you happen to know if there's parking nearby? I go to college in North Jersey, worse comes to worse I'll take the train.

Also, how early would you say it's best to show up before? An hour?

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There was a thread today that got locked supporting Putin that was frankly flame bait. I'm making this post to create civil discussion.

As an American, the annexation of Crimea is not what concerns me about Putin. Crimea was Russian land until the 60's. Khrushchev added the land to Ukraine without considering that the USSR may one day be dissolved. Majority of the people living there are ethnically Russian.

What concerns me about contemporary Russia is its extreme sense of nationalism. Leaders have always used nationalism to manipulate their people. The country's become extremely conservative and hostile towards minorities, homosexuals, and women.

During the Olympics, Pussy Riot was protesting in public, performing a song called "Putin Will Make You Love The Motherland". A conservative Russian group started whipping the women in the street while the police just stood there and watched.

Voltaire once said "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals, westerners and Russians, all deserve to have the right of self expression. It is apparent that Mr. Putin does not believe so.

I hope that thread produces meaningful debate rather than a flame war. Let's be civil.

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