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Does it matter? Awards are just reflections of personal opinions. They aren't definitive.

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This depresses the hell out of me. As much as I loved Ryan I don't need to have his car. The phrasing in the description, "ride with the legend", really bothers me.

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@patrickklepek: Your ability to emphasize with Fish and add humanity to news articles is why we love you so much. Thank you.

Fish has always seemed very sensitive. I really do think he's done with Fez. At least for a while. I think what's going to happen is that he'll fall off the map for a while and once he calms down and finds peace of mind he'll start a new project.

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They're developing this in preparation for the jump from 1080p to 4K. 4K movies are going to be large, I just doubt that will still be reliant on physical media by then. Who knows though, some people seem really adamant about sticking to physical discs.

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@angethedude: I just read this post for the first time. I'm so happy to see that you're turning your life around. Being cognizant about what you need to change about yourself is so important. I wish you the best of luck. The only advice I have is to avoid extremes and to not be to hard on yourself. Eat healthy, but allow yourself to have a snack time to time. Don't surf the web and play video games all day, but set aside some time to do so if you enjoy it. And if you get frustrated with a guitar chord or something, take a break if you have to. Don't give yourself the ultimatum that you either have to work through the frustration or quit entirely.

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comic books

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A "forty" refers to a forty ounce beer which is a little more than a liter. It just tastes like normal beer. Sometimes I'll get a forty of Budweiser or Yuengling.

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The Original Xbox

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@mmmman said:

Those red plastic cups in film and TV have always interested me. How much do people drink in the States, especially beer? What is an acceptable ammount to drink at a social occasion? I've thrown parties where a couple of bottles of wine each and then lots of beers are okay, but I get the feeling American drinking is more conservative. Also, how many cigarettes do you smoke, are you chaining twenty or thirty whilst drinking as we do in London, or is smoking a despicable thing?

Thank you for the cultural insight in advance.

It all depends on the people you're socializing with. Liquor is generally excepted among all of our society, while cigarettes are fairly taboo.

I'd say we are more conservative drinkers. You have to remember are laws are a lot stricter. Drinking is completely illegal in public, so much so that if you go for a picnic it's illegal to bring a bottle of wine (technically, you'd probably be fine though). I'd say that after you hit your fifth or sixth beer people start to look at you funny. It really depends on who you're drinking with and how well you can hold your liquor. If you're drinking with good friends it doesn't matter, but if you're out with some girl you just met, especially if you're out in public at a bar or restaurant opposed to a house party of some sort, it starts to look bad. For reference, I'm twenty. Technically, I'm not even legally allowed to drink. I'd say most kids start drinking during their later years of high school. Also, it really depends a lot on your environment. I'm in college and kids drink a fair amount more at frat parties, but from my experience less than you'd expect.

I quit smoking, but twenty or thirty cigarettes a night seems like a hell of a lot to me. At most I'd smoke half a pack on nights that I drank and I used to get a lot of shit for it. It really depends on the people you're with. I find that a lot of people I know who do smoke are very very moderate smokers, a pack a week.

I hope this helps. I'd love to hear more about how drinking and smoking is viewed in London if you have a chance.

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I've been back home from college for about a week and my sleeping schedule is terrible. It's 4 AM where I live and I'm not even tired. I rarely have been waking up before noon. I'll definitely fix it, but it may take a good week or two.

My question for you is do you value routine? Do you go to bed/wake up at a certain time each day? If so, is it only because of work/school? Do you do certain things at a specific time each day? For example, eat or go to the gym?

Any advice would be great. There's just something incredibly demoralizing about going to bed when the sun's up.