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to anyone who hasnt already watched the Harmonix tribute, do so now. Im not a particularly emotional guy, but the sadness and joy that i felt watching this made everything a little more bearable. It still hurts for sure, but we need to remember how amazing Ryan was!

click and it will play

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It's to raw for us to imagine how the site will continue. It is true that things will never be the same and there will be a massive void, but the guys will find a way to make it work. What's important now is that they all take as much time as the need and don't feel pressure to produce content immediately... I can't imagine how the guys are feeling right now... Long live giantbomb and all that Ryan worked to create!

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I still cant quite grasp what im reading. Condolences to everyone he loved!

I will not be the first or last, to say "Thank You Ryan!! You will be so sorely missed by duders everywhere!!"

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I lost my ps3 when i was burgled a couple of years ago and never bothered to replace it. That being said theres a lot of good ps3 exclusives coming up before the end of the current generation. Im so tempted to buy one at the moment, but it seems like a large outlay when we have two new consoles (probably) coming before the end of the year!

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Can we do a top 10 of games we bought but still haven't played... Man I need to find some more game time

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if not advertising, then what? It is a perfectly reasonable and non-intrusive way of monetizing the bombcast. Im down with it! (although i am getting sick of audible ads)

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idris elba is hot property right now and is more than capable of being a really exciting bond. I've always been a fan of clive owen for bond, but he's gone off the boil a bit recently.

i wonder whether damien lewis could pull off bond?

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Lots of water and a shower

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Hardly 3rd world either though?

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If nothing else can be learnt from this story guys, it is this:

It is easier to ask for you wives forgiveness than to get her permission

On the advertising issue, i saw a variety of interesting tv spots the other day which all followed the same structure with the tag line is "talk or fail".

As far as i can see the wii u is all about couch multiplayer, and gamepad pro vs everyone else!

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