Dragon Age 2- What now?

What now?
a question I think that many will have upon finishing DA2. I have just finished a second playthrough and I felt really drained from the experience. I wish that I could go into alot more detail about DA2 at the moment, but im waist deep in studies.
All I will say is that I am glad I did play through the game and experienced the world of Dragon Age again with great writing, dialogue, most of the voice work and for at least the first play thorugh I enjoyed the gameplay for the most part. The only thing that really makes me disapointed by the whole journey is the destination, what the Frell was that ending about? and almost no difference depending on your choices like origins.
I might go into all of my impressions at a later date about DA2 after my exams and such, but for now just know that DA2 has left me wanting more, and not necessarily in a good way.