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He's wrong about Lauren, she's a huge Tomb Raider fangirl, and has been for many years.

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Super Mario Land credits music.

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Not surprised this, as far as I'm concerned it played as bad during their expo. I came away thinking they should just give up.

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It would seem Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available to download on Wii U eShop, at a cheaper price in Japan, whether the same pricing will be applied in the West remains to be seen.

  • - Available for purchase on Wii U eShop
  • - Retail is 6980 yen
  • - Download is 6280 yen
  • - Requires more than 16.7 GB of space
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First shot of the GamePad screen...

GamePad Screen
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Hiroyuki Ito, the Square designer who helped design the combat and job mechanics across various titles in the Final Fantasy series, cites the tactical approach from professional sports as one of his influences:

1UP: So did you create the battle system, or work on balancing it...?

HI: I actually created the battle system, yes.

1UP: What was your inspiration for that?

HI: Basically, there's no one inspiration that I got that battle system from. It was just a logical process, where I thought, "How can I create an efficient battle system for a role-playing game?" That's the answer that I came to. At the root of it all, though, there's a basic kind of system that comes from professional sports...

1UP: Any particular sport that you had in mind?

HI: Yeah, the NFL. Football is probably the closest thing.

1UP: I guess I can see that, with the parties lining up on either side and taking turns...

HI: Yeah. A lot of it has to do with how in the NFL, the plays are pre-planned. Each side has a strategy. That's kind of the idea.


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@Thoseposers said:

Anyone have that Nintendo printing money gif?

Today's not a good day for that gif, for today they reported a loss of 27.9 billion yen / £219m, thanks to the weakening yen. It's less of a loss than they reported for the same period last year.

I expect that gif will be used frequently in the ensuing months after launch though.

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I like the first.