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I personally reckon they'll do this easily, what do you think?

The Wii U goes on sale in North America on November 18th and is due to arrive in Europe on November 30th. Japan won’t get the Wii U until December 8th.


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@BeachThunder said:

Speaking of cameras and BG&E, that game had some of the worst/most unwieldy camera control I've seen in any game. Honestly, I'm genuinely baffled as to why people hold that game in such high regard...

A genuine sense of adventure, would be high on my list, very few games during that period offered that.

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Crysis 2 was a major disappointment for me, Crytek failed in building upon the advancements in the genre that the PC games brought about.

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Producer Michael Read, during an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine (UK):

" Crysis 1 and 2 embodied the extremes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. With Crysis 3 , we found a good compromise that offers players a more dynamic approach to challenges without losing sight of the ultimate goal. The mixture of urban environments in ruins, lush forest and open areas help to strengthen the experience. "

I played the PC MP demo last month and came away very impressed with the Hunter Mode, it was certainly a lot of fun.

The game on PC looks notably better now, there's no overall parity with the 360 as far as the visuals concerned. I tried to get some info on the specs from some of the Nvidia guys that were meandering around, but they told me not to expect them until sometime in late November - early December. I also asked what specs the PC demo build was running on, but again they wouldn't say. I also couldn't tell from sneaking a peak in the backroom and looking at the PC cases

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I prefer exaggerated / SD sprites, most of the time. It depends on the game though.

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It would seem there will be another Nintendo Direct this Thursday, according to Nintendo sleuth Emily Rodgers, and an editor over on IGN.


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Also - I think Wii U finally has its 'must have' game. It ought to be the game that sells systems, but we'll see. More soon.
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I know it's a little quiet on the Nintendo front but... it's not. There's a lot coming up. Starting Thursday.
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Nintendo Direct coming guys.
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A new batch of pics have been released. Can't wait till December :P