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Not unless they work on new gameplay systems.

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I'd open it up and give it a thorough clean, clean all the dust off the components, remove the cart port housing and use rubbing alcohol to clean the connectors. Also the power cord connector, you can get residue build up there which can tamper with the flow of electricity I'd do all the carts also. it'll prolong the life of the console. Guides should be on Youtube and elsewhere.

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Cool at that price!. Bayonetta incl.

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Splatterhouse PCEngine

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@Nightriff said:

Ebay sides with the seller and Amazon sides with the customer, just use Amazon for now on

I agree, Amazon is very buyer centric in such matters, that's why I use them. You simply don't get some of the eBay stuff on there though...

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Sega have released a trailer for Demon Tribe

According to a preview this week's Famitsu, Demon Blade is a role-playing action multiplayer game, told within a dark-fantasy setting.

"The concept here is that it's a new generation of fighting, one where you're working together to duel against foes,"
"Our aim from the start was to have players cooperating with each other as they fight. We wanted something that was approachable but still offered a lot of strategy and depth. It's not something that demands fast reaction, but it's not like a simulation game where you can take all the time you want to take action." - Masayoshi Kikuchi

Demon Tribe gives you the reins of the Demon Tribe, a mysterious group of agents given codenames that refer to old fairy tales. You and your friends bring these agents into real-time battles against enemy positions, using the demons to attack, and sometimes even "demonizing" yourself in the process in order to gain new skills. The loot you earn for surviving then gets used to upgrade your base of operations, letting you unlock new items, weapons, and more powerful demons to harness.

"Battles are always 3-on-3, but even on the long side, they take no longer than about ten minutes," "Basically you're switching between the battle and the building sections of the game. There's lots of story elements, too, and a great deal of characters show up in the game, so hopefully players will find a good set of agents that they like."

The games website code suggests releases on PSP, IOS, Vita & Wii U.

* this game needs a page

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I love the 3DS demo, I can also see how much fun it will be in MP.

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Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno, the creator of both Rival Schools and Capcom Vs SNK, has said he wants to bring both series back and is working on plan to do so.

On Rival Schools:

“I happen to have certain plans to do things like [Rival Schools]. I don’t know if it’ll come to fruition, but it’s on my agenda for sure. When looking at fighting games, it seemed they were focused on worlds that people were unfamiliar with. But everyone’s gone to school. So I felt that people could relate to that.”

On Capcom Vs SNK:

“Funny you should ask. I’m also planning some things there.”

I love both of these series, hope they both get the greenlight.