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I agree that Baller Time should be in there somewhere. Toss the narc thing, maybe.

This is fantastic, Brad. Good luck to you and Potato Day in the Rektreational!

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Columbia, MO, USA

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At this time no one has written anything about the technical performance of the PS3 version. As someone with both systems, I'd like to have some kind of comparison, even if it's just a reviewer saying "they're the same".

Digital Foundry is supposed to have a deep-dive comparison at some point tomorrow, I believe.

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Excellent article, Tricky Scoops. I felt you'd have a well-rounded opinion of this whole mess, but your delivery packed a lot of punch.

There was what looks like a typo, btw.

If you're on a writer/journalist making this argument, that's really bad.

I think that "on" is extraneous or a thought was missed. I would skip whole thoughts - sentences, even - when I wrote. Anyway, thanks, Patrick.

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Hey Jeff, Matt, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Alex, Whiskey Media alum: I love you guys.

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@razielcuts said:


This. People need to start making a record in podcasts/quicklooks of Time To Ostensibly.

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Great read, Patrick! The Lang Zone really kicked it up a notch.

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I just searched "nvidia" on Google and Forbes has a story on SHIELD, calling in "Disruptive" in the headline. Eat shit, Forbes.

Nvidia's official website has a page on the device. "Featured" games include ACIII, BF3, Borderlands 2, and Skyrim. It's also an Android device.

The screen is 5 inches, 720p, multi-touch. Sounds like they took the one novel idea of the WiiU and focused on it.

There's a catch; you need a pc with a GTX card to stream to Shield.

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Senior Anime Editor Brad Shoemaker approves, I'm sure.

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@BaynePl said:

This is amazing. Any chance a wallpaper version? As this would be the best background ever.

I'd probably Photoshop them into the box art if they had any legs.

Or, with some adjustment of their facial expressions, one could make them do an All-Out Attack.