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I agree with a lot of what the OP said. I have put in ~90 hours and have the same thing where I am, at this point, essentially invincible. Smithing is incredibly overpowered, and the scaling stops much sooner than it should. The questlines were the most disappointing thing for me though, by far. The guild quests were over far too soon; the Dark Brotherhood quests number only 13 in Skyrim. In Oblivion, there were a solid 20, with another fully fleshed-out side quest. There are only 6 main quests in the Companion line; in Oblivion the Fighter's Guild had 19. In 90 hours I did absolutely everything there was to do in terms of quests in the game, and so, unlike Oblivion, I have just ran out of things to make me want to keep playing. The enchanting system lets you make the best weaponry, so there is no loot lust, which is also very disappointing. I hope they release some major DLC that expands upon the game with quests, and I hope that their modding tools allow people to make interesting quests, because the lack of things to do is, in my opinion, by far the biggest flaw in a flawed game.

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  Doesn't get more summer jam than this :DDDDD 
EDIT: brad said this was his summer jam... so it def deserves a spot up thereeee
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My younger brother has Asperger's, and although he's only 7 he loves to play games on the iPad. This article and the previous one both were very interesting, and have inspired me to try to play more traditional games with him as he grows older. Ironically, my favorite genre of games are RPG's, and the prospect of sharing my love of them with my brother is really exciting.

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@Egge said:
Hope it got space mining this time. Only thing DA2 lacked, really...
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 DX9 shaders in 2011? How do you say FUCK THAT?

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Damn. Whats the world come to...

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Could you please make a 1680x1050 size? Looks amazing!

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Wow this is really well thought out and beautifully logical. Nice Post.
I am led to agree with you, Sony needs to re-up quickly and get a leg up on the competition, because they will never overtake the 360 this console generation. I would be very excited for a PS4. Hopefully they take your advice :-)

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gtx 460 1gb is def the way to go over the 768 the extra ram is VERY useful. gtx 460 1gb will keep you satisfied for a long time and is worth the little extra cash, plus you can oc it relatively well depending on what manufacture you buy from.

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oh... Thank you so much! :-D