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I'm on my way to return it, it's just that the closest Gamestop is about an hour away so it's kind of a journey everytime I have to go to one. Also I didn't expect to need to do research on a kind of obscure product while going into town, I was hoping to just pick up a wired controller, and seeing as how that wasn't going to be the case I took a bit of a leap of faith with this employee. He had a scraggly beard and kind of sounded like the comic shop owner from The Simpsons, I though he knew his stuff.

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Twas a cold day when I decided to go shopping for a few random things with a couple of my buddies. These random things included V-Necks, Earbuds, and a Wired Xbox-360 Controller due to the fact my old one had actually died the week before. Now I don't normally go to GameStop for well, anything but it was a pretty dire situation and the shopping center we decided to shop at only had a GameStop to hold down the electronics retail front. So after picking a few things up, I skipped my merry butt down to the GameStop and asked the clerk if they had any Wired 360 controllers that weren't the GameStop brand. The Cashier explained to me that Microsoft in fact does not make Wired 360 controllers at all! Which is absolute bullshit. I didn't feel posh enough to correct the lowely fool so instead, I asked for an alternative, maybe a wire to connect on of my wireless controllers to my PC. He then pointed me at the Charge and Play kit, which according to him, allowed the controller to connect to the PC and actually function as a Wired controller would. It was like twenty bucks and I really, REALLY didn't want to buy on of those cheap looking GameStop brand controllers so I picked it up. The next morning I decided to try the Charge and Play kit out, and after an hour of confusion and driver installation, IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING THAT CLERK TOLD ME IT WOULD! It simply charges your controller while you play the Xbox, which I don't have any longer due to it being an old model and red ringing like a selfish jerk. So my question to all of you out there is, how has GameStop or really any other electronic retail company screwed you over.

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Hey, if you have an extra The International 2 invitation, I will to many terrible things for it. Maybe you don't like your neighboor? Maybe his damn dog crapped on your lawn one too many times? I can fix these problems for you. Or maybe you just want everything in my Steam Backpack for both Dota 2 and TF2 as well as 20 keys for TF2 or Dota 2? My username is ChaileeceSucks and I am desperate here.

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I'd quite like to join your team if it is alright with you.