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Thank god, let's hope the bill is dropped.

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Won’t you Adam & Eve it, Giantbomb are finally using their Loaf of Bread to make some Bread & Honey, by tailoring their adverts for the United Kingdom!

If there’s any Barney Rubble with the adverts then I’ll have to resort to Gold Membership, depending how Isle of Wight I am on the Duke of Kent. Tell you what, I’ll sign a Gregory Peck and have a Bubble Bath if it bounces!

Anyway, hope the advertisers in the UK get on the Dog & Bone and have a Dicky Bird with Whisky Media whatever the Brass Tacks are. After the Forza 4 quick look, at the very least Jeff might be able to Sky Rocket a new Jam Jar!


M. Woolgar

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Same here, I can't access the lower part of my lists and forums.
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I heard the guys chatting about this on the Bombcast ages ago.   Because of the Piracy of the App, they're abandoning any future development on it.

It's really disappointing news and it feels like a terrible way to support legitimate users of the App who paid money to use it.   In my case, quite foolishly I must add, I even paid money to Apple for the iTouch firmware upgrade so the App could be used!

In the end I'm not going to throw my toys out the pram because of their decision as it was only a few quid and I enjoyed using it whilst it lasted.   However, I will think twice in the future if Giantbomb release any more paid for content.

I mean, if they can't keep a paid for service going for less than a year without discontinuing it, what hope is there for any of their future content?

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Considering they are dropping online features for the original, could they also be removing all online connectivity to Xbox 1? 
I ask as that could mean when you put an Xbox 1 game into a 360, it will not retreive online infomation to download the relevant emulator.  If so, that will end all backwards compatability for new 360's.


Let's hope Microsoft continue to offer the option to download the emulator when you put in an Xbox 1 disc...

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Intresting!  I've never heared of the term before and presumed that it was a slight dig by the Developers.
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"Quincunx"  A frankly brilliant name for a filter...