Lacking context and heck.

Im just going to throw something at the DmC thing, it isn't big. My personal dislike for the game isn't with gameplay, its not too bad and just needs polish to be as slick as DMC is normally. We have to give NT some respect for trying it. Respect is the problem though. The lack of respect NT has for the DMC name is very apparent in the games story and tends to tread a line of "This isn't working" to "This is insulting". I dislike the fact there is so much swearing. This is something so minor but...Dante doesn't swear! Seriously. In all the DMC games, there is no swearing! Is it hard to make something dark and edgy and keep the foul mouth down? That annoyed me the most.

Anyway, moving on. Ive been on a "Warrior Binge" :) Samurai Warrior 3, Sengoku Basara 3 and Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper are currently my drugs. How much warfair can i take i guess. I'm rather shocked at how well SB3 plays on the Wii. The controls are PERFECT with the nunchuck/mote layout. Unlike SW3, which uses down on the D-pad for heavy attacks. My fingers hurt :(.

Other then that, my health being worse but that is why im living out here. No where else can deal with this stuff. It's not been so bad. :) Gaming has kept me going. It's kinda nice to know a simple passtime has done me so much good in just keeping me motivated to carry on with things. ^_^ I should try and get a video capture one day, maybe streaming would be nice.


Ditching my feelings and trying something new.

You can also call this "How i stopped hating Nintendo and got a Wii U"

So i finally decided that i wanted to pick up a Wii. Just a normal Wii. A friend of mine was selling hers and i decided to buy it for a nice price. Quiet a lot of games i wanted. Cool deal. The thing with it all is that il admit that i am something of a "generation gal" when it comes to Nintendo. How i love the early compared to the newer things they have done. I grew up with a Mega Drive and really don't feel the connection with Nintendo, they were my enemy and nemesis back in the day so its hard to find some games fun from a "This is my youth" stand point, but they are fun as heck. About when the DS came out, i started to feel very distant with them and the Wii was something i kept hearing nightmarish stories about how painful the controls were and such. I skipped it but i think time has passed enough that i can pick one up and get the good games. This kinda made me go back and replay games i loved. The Metroid Primes, Smash Brothers, Kirby's Air Ride. Games that i loved so very very much. Memories play such a massive deal with Nintendo that it makes me feel a bit mad at myself for being so easily swayed but it feels at least a little less "heartless" then how most games have been created this year.

So what does this have to do with the Wii U? *sighs* So after replaying this, playing some DS games and kinda remembering how Nintendo do things, i started to look at the Wii U with the view of "I have a PS3, maybe it would be nice to have just a little "stupid play" console. Something i can dive in, play 30 minutes without needing to get serious. Watch my Mii's run around, whatever. So i looked....and i planned...and i paid for...and im now sat waiting with child-like glee the idea of sitting down, playing the new Mario and Nintendo park and OH GOD WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME.

At E3 last year, i RANTED to my friends about "Why does Nintendo need a copy cat Myspace and twitter feed?" or "The console isn't going to be cheap. I bet the screen is only used for maps!". I hated every little thing about it. From the stupidly huge pad to the fact it was going to have poor battery life. Im not a stupid girl, i know a lot about gaming and i can see things kinda settle into place based on information. I just couldn't be more unhappy with it. Why did i just suddenly go from "angry" to "Il throw huge amounts of money at my memories, that Nintendo happen to own!". Urg. I feel like ive become such a tool of the simple power of nostalgia and how powerful it is. :( *Sighs* Does anyone else have this happen to them, where you just betray something you really feel strongly because of something like memories?


The fear to post a blog on the forum.

I am really scared. I kinda want to post a blog about something i care about. Music and sound. I've always found the music in games the biggest part of things but more then games themselves, music is super subjective. I've been beaten down on forums for being just a girl who players games, not someone who understands it enough. Considering its my job to sound engineer and edit for people and i have a massive video game music collection, i kinda think i do have a bit of a voice for this. I just feel scared to post it here. :( Maybe im paranoid. Says a lot when even this post isn't going up on the forum.


Going back to the well that we all call Steam.

In a attempt to get my steam game pile down to size now i have a nice new PC (I went from a AMD X3 (?) 6000 3.00 dual core to a I5 3.30 quad! :D), i made a attempt to get and install a few games. This is just a short run down but yea, i kinda laugh at how far behind i am.

LA Noire (PC)

So i have this on the PS3 too with all my DLC. I tend to buy games twice, once for PC and once for consoles because i like choice. After playing with the files some (including a wonderful round of -STR to single thread the damn game), it now runs at a BLAZING 30 FPS, all capped up and no where to go. I've never felt frustrated at capped games but this is kinda bad. That wonderful feeling that you get knowing that as a PC gamer, your only limited by your hardware which is so ahead of consoles now that it feels like people make bad ports now JUST to piss us off. Oh well. Either way, i REALLY like this game. I'm someone who believes that a game can be like a book. You settle in, snuggle into a blanket with a coffee and just play. Phoenix Wright was like that. I sat and just enjoyed it in such a way that made me feel so warm and fuzzy. This game does it but i feel the action gets in the way far too much. It's the curse of the name "Rockstar" being attached to it. I feel that if this was done with Capcom, they would let it be actionless and let the games story speak more. Yes, i honestly gave credit to Capcom. The gunplay feels really loose too without some kind of aim-assist. Im not used to using a pad in games and the keyboard controls in this game are AWFUL so i had to kinda learn to use it again. Not something i enjoyed, i might add but im trying to learn. Either way, i am really enjoying this. Something im going to sink some hours to.

Sleeping Dogs (PC)

High Res Texture Pack - Installed. Check. All other DLC? - Installed. Check. Game set to be about medium-high? - Check.

God, i love this game. Let me pre-face this by saying that i think True Crimes is a better game series then GTA. Why? Because of the same reason i own Just Cause 2. I want my open world to be open and filled with as much "breaking of the rules" as possible. I don't mean crime, i mean the ability for me to climb a building, throw myself off it and land on a car, surf it a little for flipping off it and shooting someone. I don't care if i die, i want it to be the most fun ive had in a day and then to do it again tomorrow. The reason open world games work so well is because you can have your own kind of fun. It's lego for the soul and that is really what a game is meant to be. Enjoyable, freestyle and awesome. Sleeping Dogs also kinda hits a spot i love of being very daft. When a game has me keep a rival gangs BUS ROUTE out of business just by beeping my horn at other bus drivers and beating up people at bus-stops, i kinda feel that its a mission well spent. I got that feeling with Saint's Row too, where the missions serve no other reason but to enjoy myself in a stupid moment of "seriousness". I think the combat wins me over the most though. It's slasher level of violence but it feels so good when you get that flow going and nothing comes close to you. I will say though. DLC ruins it a lot. It makes you super high level from the get go and ive TOTALLY filled my face bar from the start. It's kinda insane.

Xcom. (PC...Still)

I don't need to say much to this, other then i play this game like a Rouge like, ironman mode and not giving a crap if i finish it. I don't think il ever finish this game. I am happy that way. :D

Dishonored (PC)

......high chaos is hard. O_O


Dishonored soon. YAY!

I can't wait for Dishonored though from what ive played, i can kinda see it might have problems for some. I wonder how it will do next week. :)


Starting to write and looting to run.

I decided to get myself a month (for now) here :) Ive always kinda watched GB but never subbed because of just how ive been money wise. I have health issues that make working hard and so money is short but i decided to do it this time. Im not sure if anyone would read this simply because im just enjoying the site in general but there you go i guess.

Of late, i just started a sort of 4 player group for Borderlands 2. I have always ALWAYS loved loot games and how enjoyable they can be on a personal level. Something i have always just wanted to sit down and run for hours in. The "+1DPS" rule hits me kinda hard in games, not in a "im stronger" way but "im one step higher in my personal ladder*. When you have 4 friends, to me its better. You get that D&D moments when you open a chest and go "oooh" as it unfolds, items waiting for the lootin'. I do enjoy that and as someone who can't just get a group to play D&D anymore, this is as close as i can get. I would love a hack/slash style of game for 4 players and such but gaming doesn't provide so much on this. What i do love though is that it reminds me of why gaming with friends is important and why i think maybe gaming right now suffers from a personal issue of "What is mine".

Borderlands has a very big player base and a lot of them are complaining about the fact loot is shared in the world. If i see a gun, you see it too. People want only what is theirs and don't want to share unless its under their rules and i kinda hate that. When i open a chest in Torchlight 2, it explodes with gold and weapons for me to pick up but i don't care about it so much if its just me picking it up. Needing to go "Oh, i got this, anyone want it" feels like im getting more busy work rather then us all looking at a chest and going "Hmm, anyone want?". If you have a good group of friends, you all fall into place with this kinda stuff and it never feels spiteful to grab up a shotgun or battleaxe simply because people know and trust you to do so. Gamers now are so grabby with what they want that i feel it is now a act of trust just to play online with people and i HATE that feeling. I trust easily. Yes, im that kinda of girl. I like to know that people are happy and il do things for that. I don't like needing to push for fairness but now we are at the point we need to. Most people who play games in this generation haven't grown up with that trust element in games and i feel like its wasting time now to want to go outside my group of friends which feels like i have to cut myself off to just get the right way to play. Maybe it's growing pains with these types of games now being much more back in the limelight. I hope so. I want my party to once again all see a longsword and not have to fight over a warrior getting it over a hunter.