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my computer is a piece of crap, I'm not driving vehicles anymore. Sorry man.

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@Subjugation: To be fair, that barrel roll was completely worth the risk of crashing into a mountain.

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I read back through the thread and these folks aren't in the outfit yet:

Duder NameSoldier Name

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone, I'll send out friend requests.

These people need to be added to the table:

Duder NameSoldier Name

These people are in the outfit but I'm not sure what their forum name is: Turkeytron, Hunter509th, Hollywood887, DrJoneseh, Raishiro, LuizHS, Nelsk, Roxsit, and Thundernutz.

Edit: thanks

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A blue screen brought an abrupt end to a very fun night.

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Hey SOE, will pay for respec.

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@insane_shadowblade85: Yeah, they don't really explain anything. It is /s to talk to the squad and /os to talk to the outfit. Ctrl+tab cycles between chat windows and if you are in the outfit or squad tab, hitting enter will fill in the proper slash command.

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And I just did the same sort of thing, the wiki made it sound like you could have both the laser sight and forward grip but nope.

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@Funkydupe: I kept looking at the armor upgrades and wondering if that was the case. That's unfortunate though.

I spend too much time trying to figure out what is actually worth spending CP on. I was saving up for the last rank of repair but decided to get my shotty fully accessorized instead. Figure the more enemies I kill the more CP I earn, that kill streak bonus is pretty crazy.

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Yep, another fun night. Didn't realize how powerful the mana turret is, that thing can rain death upon infantry.

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@ajkent: We're not really beholden to any continent, just ask where people are at with /os.

Glad we were on Amerish last night though, Esamir is so bright. Wonder if I'm missing a video setting somewhere, the brightness is set to zero and I don't see a gamma slider.

Anyone know if the hotas support is any good? I cannot fly with kbm and have been looking for an excuse to buy one.