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@finaldasa: Yup, same here. I basically "peck" at the keyboard, but I never have to look at the keys and can type just as fast as people who type the "proper" way. I had typing classes in school, but none of that ever stuck with me. I mostly learned my own way and haven't changed since then.

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@nightriff: More like the best. Jess' coverage of indie games was better than pretty much any other gaming site.

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Not answering the poll because the two answers are kind of stupid, but no, I'm not pre-ordering the game. That being said, since this has turned into an argument about how awful pre-ordering games is, I don't mind pre-ordering. It means I can get games I want to play on day one from Amazon without leaving the house. The convenience of that trumps everything else in my book.

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I think both Spice and Wolf and Mushishi would be up your alley.

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I know several people who were involved in bringing this topic to XSEED's attention the week the game released. Originally, while the person running the XSEED Twitter was a little defensive (and understandably so), they ended the relatively calm discussion by saying they would consider this stuff more in the future. It seemed all was well until some people got wind of it, cried censorship and sparked the debate again not even a full day later. Worst of all, whoever was running the XSEED account that weekend (the same person I assume made that forum post) decided to use it as their own personal soapbox instead of responding professionally to more concerns regarding the lines (yes, LINES, not just one line) in the game. This escalated things and made the entire company look bad as a result. "It's satire, like South Park!" was a common defense from the XSEED account, which is a silly way of saying, "We can do what we want because we're claiming it's satire" instead of, I don't know, taking the concerns of loyal fans into consideration like they said they would. As you might expect, this pissed even more people off. Crazy, right?

In short, it's less about changing the lines and more about respecting the wishes of loyal fans who bought the game DAY ONE and wanted to express their concerns over a few lines they saw as offensive. They didn't approach XSEED with any malicious intent. It all began as a respectful discussion and everything seemed like it was going okay. Now, with the follow-up tweets and this forum post, it seems like "taking fans concerns into consideration" means jackshit. Sorry, loyal customers!

Also, one last thing, I guarantee if those lines were altered slightly, very few people would notice or care. They don't matter much in terms of the overall narrative of the game, simply optional conversations you can view at anytime. And no, the people who took issue with them couldn't just "ignore" it because they didn't know they were in the game to begin with. This wasn't really an issue until much after the game's release.

tl;dr - Whoever ran the XSEED account and made that forum post is kind of an asshat and made the entire company look bad as a result.

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MGS4 > MGS > MGS3 > MGS2 > GZ > PW

MGS4 is not only my favorite in the series, but probably my favorite game period. The only one of the bunch I wasn't super hot on was Peace Walker.

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I'm okay with this.

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Yup, you got it. This childish, pandering bullshit suuuuuuure is charming.