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Yup, you got it. This childish, pandering bullshit suuuuuuure is charming.

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: The people who reviewed Superman 64 back in the day were just super bad at it. They didn't get the COMPLEXITIES of the controls, man! It's all a conspiracy.

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RIP PlayStation Vita

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Another well-written Mass Effect 3 article and more people who barely read it here to complain about it. Yay!

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@Hailinel said:


"Even though he worked hard on the game, I won't give him my money because I don't like his personality based on a few incidents!"

Please grow up, guys.

That he worked hard on it doesn't matter. People worked hard on the movie John Carter. But that's not enough justification to watch it.

What does John Carter have to do with anything? If it's a bad movie (I haven't seen it), then that's fine, but now you're assuming Fez is going to be a bad game? Your example confuses me.

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To answer your question, Patrick, yes! I would love to see more piece likes this on Giant Bomb. Original content like this is what separates gaming websites. I appreciate the news posts you do, but I don't come to Giant Bomb for news, I come for the original video and written content like this.

So, in short, give us more. MORE I SAY!

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@Napalm said:

@Milkman said:

Hey guys, I'm just here to complain about something I haven't watched yet.

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It's a shame DMC's sales will probably be hurt by people who just won't give the game a chance no matter what. :\

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Bastion and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet are must buys for me. I'm interested in From Dust, but not 100% sold on it. The other two? Meh.

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