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Apparently this was my last attempt to discuss something without being harassed and named Troll *sigh*.

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From since I can remember myself first stepping inside a video game store, I remember the first thing that caught my eye in a game, in case I didn't have a previous impression on it, was the cover. I tend to think that games with descent cover and art on the front is generally better than ones with simple design, as I think to myself "Well, they took thre time to find a great artist to draw this good on it so it might be good", and even today, wether if it's while browsing the App store or Checking new game releases, it's the cover (or in the app's case it's the symbol) that pulls my attention, more than (mostly) anything else.
Should I feel wrong for this? Do you?

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I listen to more light stuff, I guess "You Know My Name" by chris cornell.
(Or the cornered themes from phoenix wright)

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I feel so excited about the probability of making a portal film, than again, I do not like the way movie companies destroy the beautiful plot of games in pesky Fail rated movies.

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Sweet? :D

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I wouldn't use the word "Fuck" so many times and in so many different ways but.. err.. yeah, Deathspank is pretty disappointing, they made a pretty straight forward Hack N' Slash RPG with no new elements or fun factors... So all you do is run around, kill stuff, wait for rage to fill, get your ass kicked, munch some tacos and repeat.
I loved the game's humor, too bad the game itself is underdeveloped.

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Was ME2 simplified for the same reason?
There are hidden motives for each company when releasing a game, I guess they thought from previous games that if they will simplify it than the series will be back on the 9+ ratings.

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I'm sorry for not liking Bioware's Kotor, But Jedi Academy and Battlefront II were most epic for me, I also Enjoyed the first Force Unleashed (That is until I play the sequel), it's Story is plain epic.

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Giant Flying Armed Invincibile Metalic Rideable Winged Epic Fire Breathing Cow.
Is epic.