So IGN Prime is pretty good...

What is IGN Prime? It's IGN's subscription service that gives those that sign up access to exclusive content including videos and competitions. I had never heard of it before today but I saw that you could get Hamilton's Great Adventure for free on the free trial I thought "Why not? I can just turn off auto-renewal straight away." However, after seeing all of the other 'free' stuff that membership grants you I may just change my mind.

I got:

  • Hamilton's Great Adventure
  • King Arthur (I have no real interest in this but maybe I can trade it one day)
  • Bastion Soundtrack
  • Some Sanctum DLC
  • This sick briefcase:

Now to be clear, the stuff like the game guides, pro player coaching videos and 'Babeology' wallpapers don't seem great but one steam game every month for less than $60 a year isn't bad (even cheaper if you pay annually).

Now obviously Giant Bomb aren't as huge as IGN and it would be unfair to expect as much stuff with premium memberships but if they ran a competition to win a WWE steel chair then I would upgrade in a heartbeat.