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Dat water... Won't buy it from Origin though, fuck that.

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I like Black Ops maps and guns more and being able to play online splitscreen is pretty cool.

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@mnzy said:
I'm really enjoying Enslaved at the moment. It's definately up there and the best looking game on the 360.
I was gonna say Enslaved too, not necessarily the fidelity, but the art style. Beautiful stuff in the earlier levels.
Then of course Crysis. Stalker can be really beautiful in a different, atmospheric way too with bunch of mods.
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X-Com was pretty scary when you only had couple of guys left and the enemy turns took forever.
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Vice City is the best GTA so that.

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What I've noticed about people who don't want to have kids and are older than 25 is most of them have great dedication to something else. Like they design clothes or work 24/7 in their own company or do art all the time or whatever that fills their life completely and keeps them occupied and they love it. Maybe they review games. Don't have time for children and don't really want to, they love the life they live. Opposition sees it as selfish and childish. But if you work a normal 9-5 job, are kinda bored after the first year, don't have any hobbies, it's way easier to have a kid. It gives your life meaning. You do that shitty job for the kid and you can do fun things with him/her. Opposition thinks they're above these people when they live alone in a fancy house saving money. But yeah, nothing wrong with either choice, it's cool that you can choose.

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Everyone. I mostly lurk and don't post either.

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I know some people who only play CoD and every GTA, but nothing else. And they don't play those casually, CoD like many hours every day in crazy clans.