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I have both systems. 360 version would give me further justification for paying for Live Gold. PS3 would maybe play better with the stock controller (planning on getting a stick, don't know which console I'll get one for, and it won't be for a while due to financial limitations.) Anyone got any inputs not based on system bias?

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Played - I - beaten, but so long ago I only remember so much.

II- a bit of an emulated ROM, before I gave up on emulators.

III- even less of an emulated ROM, couldn't find one in English.

IV- never owned it long enough to make it more than maybe halfway through.

V- never played.

VI - beaten, but so long ago I don't remeber much.

VII - beaten, but a while ago. Do still have a copy, though.

VIII - made it to where Squall was carrying Rinoa across the bridge and it locked up. Never played it again.

IX - Made it to maybe somewhere on disc 2, not long after you get Ramuh.

X - Beat, loved. I'm one of the few people looking forward to the rerelease.

XI - Never played. Don't know that I consider it a proper Final Fantasy, it being an MMORPG and all. Don't feel like paying a montly fee for it, either.

XII - Never finished.

XIII - Still working my way through. Actually like it.

XIV - Never played. See XI

X-2 - Never played. May try it if I see it on sale somewhere.

Tactics - Actually beaten once. Didn't like the ending. Love the gameplay.

Tactics Advance - Didn't finish.

Dirge of Cerberus - Never played.

Mystic Quest - Not really a Final Fantasy. Played and beat. Little kiddy for my taste, but it was ok.

So beaten I, VI, VII, X, Tactics and Mystic Quest. Properly played I, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, Tactics and Mystic Quest. Not really good at listing things in order, but it'd probably be something like Tactics, VI, X, VII, I, Mystic Quest among ones I've beaten. Among ones I've simply played, Tactics, VI, IV, X, VII, XIII, I, IX, XII, VIII, Mystic Quest.

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I can think of maybe four I can download and purchase. Legally.

-Street Fighter IV (Steam, Games for Windows

-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Steam)

-Eternal Champions (Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics - Steam)

-Virtua Figher 2 (Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics - Steam)

I've been looking for a PC fighter to try to play on my PC. Only, I don't have a discrete GPU at present (built the PC with only an onboard ATI Radeon 4200 with the intention of adding a discrete GPU later, which I haven't yet and can't do anytime soon) and the SFIV benchmark gives my compy a D at 640x480. Then I remembered Eternal Champions and Virtua Fighter 2 were on Steam, but it's the Genesis version of Virtua Fighter, and it's more or less caca. And, Eternal Champions doesn't have the most intuitive moveset, so there's two learning curves: learning to play with the keyboard, and learning to play Eternal Champions.

Why am I bothering? Why don't I just use my 360's wired pad? Well, I have a 360 (another reason I don't have a super powered video card, as I'm mostly a console person) and I'm thinking I'm about at the limit of what I can do with fighting games on a stock Xbox 360 pad and want to get an arcade stick. And I saw this video.

At first, I dismissed it, thinking I didn't want any parts of learning to use this weird stick with buttons instead of a stick, and with the buttons in that weird layout. But then, I saw this custom joystick with a more traditional WASD pattern for the directional buttons. And I found myself tapping out the motions to different moves and combos on my knees, and now I want to try out one of these stic-, sorry, stickless arcade controllers. And I thought, why don't I just get a cheap fighting game on PC to try playing it with the keyboard to see if I want to spend the money to get one of these (It'd pretty much have to be custom made, as Hit Boxes are PS3 and PC only for the time being, and they have a backlog)? Only, I'm at a loss for a game I think my PC can run. If I find SF IV on sale, I could do that in training mode to get used to the controls, and the slower performance of my machine would equal more time to input moves. But, if I could find another cheap game or free demo that I could run, that would be cool. I remember some time ago downloading demos for X-Men: Children of the Atom and one of the Guilty Gears. Anyone?

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Haven't been able to find many good strategy guides for this game.  At least nothing in the magnitude of ShoRyuKen.com's guides.  Anyone know of anything better than the text moves lists on GameFAQs?

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Asterisk says it won't run on Windows xp 64 bit.  How about Windows 7 64 bit?

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Thanks bunches!

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Checked the Wiki Tasks.  Some of them involve captioning pictures, but it's not clear how to do this.  Is there something more that can be done than just commenting on the picture that I am missing?

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Thank you internet.

Found out the cat doesn't appear before you complete Quest #14: Feed The Cat.  Go the Central Shopping District and talk to the guy in front of the bookstore.  If you've Quest #8:Book Exchange, he'll mention the cat on the Samegawa Flood Plain. Go give the cat a fish, then go back to him to get the book, "The Punk's Way."  After that, the cat will show up below the Dojima Residence after talking to the guy on the flood plain who's afraid of cats.
Game ain't broke yet, so I don't need a new disc just yet.
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So, is there an online guide for this game?  I Googled it a bit ago and found none.  Are that few people playing it?

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Going back through the game, I'm at Fox quest #7.  I talk to the guy.  I ask him if he's afraid of cats.  I go to the Dojima Residence looking for the cat.  The cat never shows up.  What am I doing wrong?  My disc is messed up, and has been freezing and failing to load.  Could it be possible that the disc is damaged where that data is and it will never load the cat, and I have to buy another copy of the game to finish the quest?