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Going back through the game, I'm at Fox quest #7.  I talk to the guy.  I ask him if he's afraid of cats.  I go to the Dojima Residence looking for the cat.  The cat never shows up.  What am I doing wrong?  My disc is messed up, and has been freezing and failing to load.  Could it be possible that the disc is damaged where that data is and it will never load the cat, and I have to buy another copy of the game to finish the quest?

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Just have the demo so far, may grab the game.  And may check out the PC game.  But, I'm stuck at the training session where you teleport behind the guy.  Any tips?

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Pretty much self exclamatory. 
How do we start the petition process?  I had this on DreamCast, no longer have it or my DC, want it again. Especially with online multiplayer.  Played the four player mode once, and even with ten year olds who didn't know the moves, it was insanely fun, especially with Crossover Blitz.  I know we have MvC2 on Live Arcade and now MvC3, but still.

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Never played Persona 3.  Still wanna get the good ending to Persona 4 and finish Shadow of the Colossus.  Someday.  And play Okami.  But mostly lately, I've been playing Xbox 360 and a little PC.

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Actually, I kind of missed the hoppers from the first game.  Would they count?  Not that I agree with the whole pet thing, I'm just saying.

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So, I've been ODing on Mass Effect lately.  I just S-Ranked it, but I want to finish two more games to carry over to Mass Effect 2:  one Shepard ass Shepard game (for the ladies...  And shenanigans on BioWare for not letting Lady Shepard get with any cool people for the Achievement, with all due respect to Jacob, Thane, and Garrus, but that's another show..post, rather) and a Lady Shepard.  But I was having trouble coming up with what to name my Lady Shepard, so I went to one of my favorite random name generators:  Final Fantasy Tactics.  Now, I'm kinda getting back into Tactics, and want more RPGs in that style.  I just got a Droid Incredible not too long ago, and am wondering if there are any cool RPGs for Android.  I've tried the Zenovia demo and didn't think the controls were responsive enough.  And I haven't been a fan of the controls on the emulated RPGs either (I've tried Final Fantasy VI and Magic Knight Rayearth.)  I searched RPGs in the Android Marketplace and saw a couple that were Japanese, but I can't read Japanese beyond a few characters of Katakani.  So, I'm asking for good RPG recommendations for Android.  They don't have to be Japanese, but Final Fantasy Tactics has scratched that itch.  I think a good strategy RPG could work well with the touch screen without requiring an onscreen keyboard, though.

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I don't have a DS.  I have a PS2.  I'm enjoying the quick look of this game.  I could use a good JRPG.  What game would be a good entry to the series for me?  (Or rather, re-entry, as I borrowed and beat a copy of Dragon Warrior (aka Dragon Quest one for the NES) from my cousins who lived up the hill at the time?)

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Got Need For Speed Undercover.  Got a few hours to consider the Mass Effect deals.  I have the first one on  Games on Demand and am going through playthrough three and am planning four or five more for Achievements.  Really want the second, but want the Achievements with it.

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Go to http://steampowered.com, click Stats at the top of the page, and under Gameplay Stats go to Steam Achievement Stats (think there's a way to access it from the Steam client, but I can't think of it at present.  There's a list there of every game on Steam that has Achievements and their Achievement stats.  Clicking on the title will take you to the game's page in the store.
Oh, yeah.  The only reason I posted this was to ask Zenaxzd if that's Faye in that Avatar.

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I'm the dumb one who still gets stuck in games, then.  Still wouldn't buy the strategy guide.  I guess someone still does, though.  It is nice to have the option not to have to get out of the game to look the stuff up and run the risk of forgetting what you just looked up when you go back into the game (or even forgetting what it was you were looking up,) or not even being able to find exactly what it is that you're looking for.  Lots of times I can use maps that are beyond what's offered in the ingame map (like the old-school Nintendo Power maps that are pretty much the artwork of the level itself) or just can't grasp what it is I'm supposed to be doing for a certain task.  I concur as well that the prices are too high, but kudos for them for trying something new.  I was wondering just the other day in a conversation how strategy guide publishers were going to survive in the age of the internet.  The answer: Offer something better than what you can get for free.  I applaud them on at least this first step.