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Persona 4 Golden the animation is new game+, which I don't mind. That means more time for Marie!

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So I need to catch up on some old shows. Which shows from winter 2014 would you guys recommend? I'm up to watch almost anything and it has to be on crunchyroll since that's the only place I can stream shows here in the hospital

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Finished Gokukoku no Bynhildr and yeah, it was really rushed the last couple of episodes. I think I'll read the manga. I would be quoting people but looks like I can't do that on my ipad

I also finished Monogatari second season. Great show and Kaiki is best character

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Finally finished Kill la Kill. Man that was one crazy show

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@bigjeffrey: apparently they crammed/skipped a lot of manga chapters for episode 12 of Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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These were great

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Yep Kill La Kill is pretty awesome and fun to watch

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He was only 66? I thought he was older than that. RIP