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KanColle ep.4: Kongou sisters are best sister ships

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@dochaus: that seriously what happens in Fuuka? Now I'm kinda glad I stopped reading it

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So KanColle is basically a retelling of the Pacific Theater but with the alien ships as stands in for US ships

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Bah Crunchyroll is still kinda messed up after the DDoS attack, how am I supposed to finish Love Live? I need more Nozomi goodness

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@bocam: about time Rance got his own anime

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@daveyo520: @golguin: yeah I also started to watch Love Live after playing the mobile game for a while

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@bigjeffrey: there's a prequel light novel to Yuki Yuna that has Tougou as the main character

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Hey guys there's a Grisaia trilogy kickstarter going on, it's way past it's initial goal but needs more funding for the stretch goals https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/the-grisaia-trilogy-three-huge-visual-novels-for-p

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:@bigjeffrey: Chaika Avenging Battle ep.10: Apparently it's a rushed adaptation and ran out of source material. The anime ending might match the novel ending. Only 10 volumes have been published so far(the tenth volume was published on September 20, 2014) and volume 11 being the last. http://randomc.net/2014/12/03/hitsugi-no-chaika-avenging-battle-09/comment-page-1/#comment-1618230

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Bah for some reason the only video not working for me on Crunchyroll is the newest episode of Fate/Stay Night Unlimied Blade Works