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Finally caught up on the Akame ga Kill manga from the last chapter I read couple months ago, this series sure likes to use death flags

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@azrailx: wait which show were you talking about earlier? I might be thinking of a differen't show that's 24 episodes

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@azrailx: I'm pretty sure this show is 24 episodes, so we're not half way through yet

Edit: never mind. I was thinking of something else

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Man this sucks. RIP Robin Williams

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@themanwithnoplan: I have my doubts about No Game No Life getting a second season. According to light novel readers they used the end of volume six of the light novels and the series only covered the first three volumes

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So ufotable is doing the unlimited blade works route and heaven's feel route for their Fate/Stay Night adaptation. Unlimited Blade works will be split cour and Heaven's Feel will be a movie. I am so excited for this.



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Persona 4 Golden the animation is new game+, which I don't mind. That means more time for Marie!

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So I need to catch up on some old shows. Which shows from winter 2014 would you guys recommend? I'm up to watch almost anything and it has to be on crunchyroll since that's the only place I can stream shows here in the hospital

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Finished Gokukoku no Bynhildr and yeah, it was really rushed the last couple of episodes. I think I'll read the manga. I would be quoting people but looks like I can't do that on my ipad

I also finished Monogatari second season. Great show and Kaiki is best character