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These were great

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Yep Kill La Kill is pretty awesome and fun to watch

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He was only 66? I thought he was older than that. RIP

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@alexandersheen: I'm pretty sure Genshiken is doing some anime original stuff now, don't remember this harem route stuff in the manga

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yay I was able to log in earlier today and play for a bit, so I'm going to be on later tonight to see if I'm still able to log in

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So I've seen a lot of talk on the internet about Attack on Titan, but it doesn't really seem like there's any consensus on whether it's good or not. I watched the first episode when it first started airing, but it didn't really seem to grab my attention. Does the show pick up? Is this something I should check out?

Read the manga instead.

The manga is full of terrible art, anatomy issues all over the shop. The show is fine, its super fun, the first few episodes aren't amazing but it does pick up. The biggest issue is the pacing, if you wait and marathon it, then it shouldn't be much of an issue. people are complaining because its hard to manage expectations, its by no means a bad show.

That's exactly how I feel about the art of the manga. Hajime sensei draws the manga for years now but unlike other mangakas he doesn't seem to have improved his art. As for the pacing, the show had a strong opening, but maybe too strong. Because of that, people developed "unreasonably" high expectations towards it. And when the pacing slowed down a bit, people started to complain, even though the show was still top notch (aside from the occasional quality issues. Especially episode 13, that was a frickin' mess.)

The sense of impact and momentum in the manga is top notch, and the Titans look much better in it than they do in the show. The show had a strong opening before they proved that they weren't at all prepared for the task of animating the series. Episode 21 had a 3 minute recap in the beginning and was still missing some scenes that had to be covered up. I feel it's gonna get even worse and this is the part of the manga that needs the most attention. Plus the big punch (that sent the FT flying) in episode 21 didn't look nearly as awesome as the manga's shot. They should have stylized it a little more to match.

I guess I'm in the minority but if I had to pick I wouldn't hesitate to choose the manga over the anime.

If you read the manga then obviously anything that happens isn't going to have the same impact because you know what's going to happen. People who are only watching the anime are super hyped with episode 21 almost being on levels of episode 5. You are tainted. I should know because when I read the manga of something the anime always falls short in specific parts that didn't meet my expectation of how I imagined it would be animated.

Except my complaints don't have anything to do with the impact of scenes I've already read? My problem is with the completely bungled production. Dragging out scenes that didn't need to be dragged out just to pad time, airing episodes horribly unfinished, spending 3 episodes on something that should have been 1 1/2, scenes missing and replaced with panning shots or stills. This is before getting into the fucking godawful vocal tracks that ruin every scene they're used in.

I do also have some complaints about the actual directing in the show, not related to pacing, but that is in honesty a manga vs anime complaint.

The fact that you can even make comparisons is because you have read the manga. People can't guess what's filler and what isn't or when a scene is being lengthened. We wouldn't know if its the anime padding some scenes or if its the manga itself slowing things down to provide exposition. We also wouldn't know about missing scenes.

Issues with the vocal tracks being awful is of course a subjective thing. This is the first time I heard anyone say anything negative about the music. I hear praise all over the place.

Isn't this only 26 episodes? if so wouldn't things be paced at the certain rate to make sure at ends at a good enough spot?

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@animasta:Never seen it but is Simoun that anime where all the young characters are genderless female, pilot mech type things, and get their gender given to them through some sort of coming of age ritual?

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TELL ME ABOUT IT! That's a frickin' cliffhanger right there!

You guys could always read the manga