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Parasyte 7: amazing episode. Also at the end Shinichi has a new hair style and voice

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@sikila: @daveyo520: you guys do know that Inou Battle is a light novel and Trigger is just adapting it?

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@thebunnyhunter: yep they skipped chapters and changed things from the manga

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@gaspower: since the manga is still going on, I have to say yes

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Akame ga Kill 19: Justice-tan is dead and they changed things from the manga and skipped like ten chapters

Le Fruit de la Grisaia 6: a character route was done in one episode...

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I love this twin tails anime, it's so stupid I love it too much. Anime of the year; it proves that anime is art

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Man I miss this game, too bad I can't play any more

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Chaika Avenging Battle 4: Shocking Truth revealed!

Parasyte 4: something bad is going to happen to the parents and I'm pretty sure the shows op spoils what happens to the mom

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@golguin: a lot of people mainly the hard core Type Moon fans, have been saying that you don't to have seen Fate/Zero to watch Fate/ Stay Night. Also the fight between Rin and Illya seems to be anime original material and was never in the original VN

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@bigjeffrey: @billymaysrip: apparently Takahiro used to be a writer for VN company Minato Soft, so he's not always dark