SimCity 2000 lives again on GoG

Found out that Good Old Games now has SimCity 2000 (as of a couple weeks ago), one of my favorite games from back in the day. Will check it out soon, and see if I can track down my old SC2k save file. (Not sure it'll work with the GoG version or not, but will give it a try.) I had one of my biggest cities saved. Filled the map (which wasn't huge in SC2k), had a big hill for hydro power, a bunch of arcologies.

Apparently the GoG version is based on the DOS version of SC2k and includes the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK).

I'd love to see an honest to goodness SimCity 5, but the Tropico and Cities XL games do a good job of filling the void.


When will my Forza 4 LCE preorder ship?

Who knows. An estimated delivery date of October 24 doesn't have me hopeful (since I went for 3-5 day shipping, and that's a good 9 days out). I'll see if Dell support has anything to say.

Was hoping it would ship today, seeing as the game released today, but no luck so far.