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I'm already a subscriber, and plan to resubscribe, but my suggestion:

  • Make it easier for me to watch Giant Bomb content on my TV.

A PS3/PS4 app would be great. I know this isn't necessarily an easy thing to make happen. But it would it would be great to see.

I realize free content is out there on YouTube, but... youtube app's interface isn't super-great for seeing all of a channel's videos, sorted by date. And you don't get premium content there.

The return of Breaking Brad would be nice, too.

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Just saw this show up on my YouTube, and came here to see if anyone posted about it.

Need the 10hr loop version of this now.

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@believer258: I really don't know. Just found that in Google Image Search.

Maybe Persona 3 Trinity (never watched it)?

I suppose it could be a game cutscene, too.

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@kristov_romanov said:

I'd love to see if they could do some sort of regular MMO thing. Something not-WOW. Start from scratch, level up and then play some end game content.

Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines. It would be interesting to see them start in on an MMO they'd never played. Especially if they could get, say, three different characters going. Don't know if there'd be a problem with other players trolling during the livestream.

TESO is out in April.

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I just saw this one today, as well:

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