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I think I've been using Streaming/Auto or Streaming/Low. At 1Mbps, I can't manage streaming on High (which I guess is a pretty decent bitrate 480p?). I used to use the HTML5 option, but that started looking really bad on low at some point; haven't tried it lately.

A few observations:

  • The "Low" setting used to look pretty good, like a year+ ago before they changed up their video hosting? Now it looks not very good. When it's just the guys sitting on the couch, you don't notice so much, but any kind of action looks pretty bad. The worst is probably racing games.
  • "Low" on iPad looks worse than it does on my desktop PC. I don't know why, exactly. PC is wired vs. iPad on Wi-Fi, but these speeds are so low that shouldn't make any difference.
  • Best bet for me is probably to wait until archive is up and download the "High" res file.
  • If they had a streaming option between Low and High, it would probably be perfect for me. I can sometimes manage 480p on YouTube, but stick to 360p if I don't want any buffering, don't care as much about visual quality.

Oh, and I do use my iPad's 4G, when I have 4G signal, but that eats up my bandwidth allowance pretty quick.

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I think I'll use the same answer I give whenever a question like this comes up:

Spore. And, to a lesser extent, SimCity (2013). At least with SimCity, I knew some of its faults going in. And some of the major issues with the game have been fixed or improved somewhat. And if nothing else, it is still a very pretty, if limited, game. Spore just felt so empty and repetitive. Sure, you could design some unique creatures, but you ended up playing though the same boring stages, with only slight variations in gameplay each time. I've played videogames before; none of these stages were new or interesting to me. And it really didn't play very smoothly on my system at the time. I put the game aside not long after release and never picked it back up again. All the talk of procedural generation and user creation got me hyped on the game super-early, back during one of those Will Wright GDC presentations, but the game just wasn't fun.

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I'm enjoying the Giant Bradcast, so far, and the lineup of Jeff/Brad/Drew/Dan is really working out well. Need to catch up on the last two episodes...

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I don't see the option for Dr. Tracksuit...

Also, that poster art is excellent, @humanity.

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@grantheaslip said:

I've had good experiences with Hover. It's not the cheapest, but I think the extra cost is justified by the pleasant interface, good support, and general lack of grossness.

Seconding this.

I've used both GoDaddy and Hover. With Hover, you don't have to pay extra for a private WHOIS registration. You just have to change some settings after purchase. With GoDaddy, I think private registration is like another $10/yr per domain?

And you can find various promo codes for Hover. (Don't recall if the Bombcast has had a Hover sponsorship; I know Idle Thumbs has. Can search to see if they have an active promo code.) Should definitely be able to find a promo code if you're a new customer, don't know for sure if they work on renewals / new purchases for existing customers.

That said, I'm not totally against GoDaddy, and you can get domains & renewals pretty cheap.

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I'm already a subscriber, and plan to resubscribe, but my suggestion:

  • Make it easier for me to watch Giant Bomb content on my TV.

A PS3/PS4 app would be great. I know this isn't necessarily an easy thing to make happen. But it would it would be great to see.

I realize free content is out there on YouTube, but... youtube app's interface isn't super-great for seeing all of a channel's videos, sorted by date. And you don't get premium content there.

The return of Breaking Brad would be nice, too.

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Just saw this show up on my YouTube, and came here to see if anyone posted about it.

Need the 10hr loop version of this now.

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@believer258: I really don't know. Just found that in Google Image Search.

Maybe Persona 3 Trinity (never watched it)?

I suppose it could be a game cutscene, too.