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I bought DRIV3R for Xbox. Does that count?

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@wraithtek: Some of that definitely seems illegal. While EA recently had an "On the House" promotion for SimCity 2000, they (and GOG I believe) are usually charging money for it. It's certainly not abandonware.

I didn't really find any description about legality of items in their CD-ROM Software Library. In their general Terms of Use, they note:

The Archive does not endorse or sponsor any content in the Collections, nor does it guarantee or warrant that the content available in the Collections is accurate, complete, noninfringing, or legally accessible in your jurisdiction, and you agree that you are solely responsible for abiding by all laws and regulations that may be applicable to the viewing of the content.

So I guess the legality is still in question, as the GB article implies.

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I noticed they have a CD-ROM Software Library collection, too. While they aren't playable online (and may take more work to get running), there are a bunch of ISOs to download. Are these also considered legal for anyone to download?

Searching for Maxis, it comes up with:

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Let's see if this will post this time:

More screenshots here.

Tried to find an older pic of my Mass Effect 2 & 3 Shepard, to see how they compare to my Inquisitor, but couldn't find it. I didn't go into the character creator trying to recreate my Shepard, but ended up with something similar.

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I'm still pretty early in the game. A few bugs I've seen:

  • Knives Out - In one cutscene, my rogue walked around with daggers in hand: one pointing forward, one pointing backward. Not in a combat stance or anything. Just a walk & talk scene in a camp.
  • So where do I go now? - I made a new character (mostly just to play with character creation), and then started playing. Normally at this point, your character runs up some steps away from giant spiders, up a huge set of steps, toward a bright figure urging you on. Instead, I got dumped into gameplay. No spiders, no mysterious figure. Just a small rocky island with those steps, a small pond, a glowy pillar of rock, and not much else, in the middle of a barren valley. I thought for a second, oh, maybe the intro changes somehow for this other character? But no, there was nothing for me to interact with to proceed, can't save my game. I did have a point or two to put into skills, apparently. But I was stuck, and had no way to keep that character and try again. Weird.
  • Less amusing, I've been having problems with crashing (DirectX errors). Usually in cutscenes, but sometimes in character creator. Tried to fix it, seemed to get worse. Set everything back to Auto, Fullscreen, with V-sync off, and was able to play a few hours last night. But there weren't many cutscenes, so who knows if it's any better or not.
  • And a minor gripe, sometimes hitting Print Screen will cause the game to pause/freeze for a couple seconds, sometimes it works with no slowdown at all.
  • If you go into console and use "list", it will list the available console commands. But they're persistent - don't go away next time you open the console. Enter list again, it's now written there twice. Made it kind of hard to use the console with all this extra text on screen, over the text you're entering. Any way to clear the console output?

Bonus: For anyone looking to turn the UI off (for taking screenshots / video), it's:

  1. ~ to enter console
  2. UI.DrawEnable false
  3. When you're done, to turn the UI back on: UI.DrawEnable true
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For me, it's hearing music from the Tropico series, usually the first game, in TV shows or movies. While I think most of the songs are licensed, I had never heard them anywhere else before, so they really stick out when used in other media.

And there's some licensed music from games like Forza, Tony Hawk, or Gran Turismo that I still associate with those games. And some classical tracks from Civilization IV.

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Ok, sorry, maybe it was just my PC? Or an issue with adding from URL?

When I navigated away from the "Very Busy" page, and tried to go to the image's URL again, my browser sat there trying to load the image. Though it loaded fine before attempting to save.

Went to different browser, image loads fine. Save locally. Save copy to wiki, using image from my desktop option. No error.

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  1. Add new images
  2. From URL
  3. Paste in URL hit Next
  4. Filled in a caption (saw the correct image displayed in "Editing" mode); did not add a Tag.
  5. Hit Save.
  6. Page just sits there with the "Very Busy..." dialog/image.

I don't really know if the image saved or not. (It's obviously not still in the process of saving. It's sat there for like 5 minutes now.) I don't see it in my Wiki History (I don't know if Images show up there or not).

Image was not unusually large, in KB or dimensions.

This is the game's image page, if it makes a difference.

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Hey if you haven't heard yet, the game is out November 11, 2014, for $20 USD, includes all the DLC. Is up for preorder at digital outlets. Has Japanese audio option (as the PS3 version did). Does have Steam achievements, if that's something that matters to you.

Steam has it for $17.99. GMG has it for $14.40 with code SPOOKY-TREATS-GMG20X.