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@triplestan: A little T. Swift would certainly join Heaven and Call Me Maybe on my list of consistent requests.

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@karsh: Thanks Karsh!

I feel I should point out that the google doc incorrectly lists our version of Heaven as a remix when in fact it's the original. I would really like to keep the original though, since I like it better and it's eurotrash enough for TM on its own merits.

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Happy to have been a part of this madness for a couple years, and I wish you many more in the XBONE era.

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Can I get approved to set NA West as my PS4 clan? Name's thewrathofconn.

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Got into the main Lincoln Force group but not the NA West clan, somehow. Still says I have a pending request.

EDIT: Setting as my PS clan now. Man, this process really has too many steps. Well did, Bungie. Thanks @fattony12000

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A point of clarification about Patreon: if she were to stop making games, people wouldn't technically even need to pull their support because nobody gets charged until the content is released (that's why it's "per game" and not "per month" or anything like that). Phrasing was just a bit odd. Cool profile though!

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I'm wrathofconn in game, definitely down to group up with some folks whenever I'm online.

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Before this gets re-locked, bye everyone! Maybe I'll see you all in 5ZA at some point down the road, until then it's been fun! Thanks for the "memories".

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