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A point of clarification about Patreon: if she were to stop making games, people wouldn't technically even need to pull their support because nobody gets charged until the content is released (that's why it's "per game" and not "per month" or anything like that). Phrasing was just a bit odd. Cool profile though!

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I'm wrathofconn in game, definitely down to group up with some folks whenever I'm online.

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Before this gets re-locked, bye everyone! Maybe I'll see you all in 5ZA at some point down the road, until then it's been fun! Thanks for the "memories".

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I think if this game were priced like an MMO (or at least like many free-to-play games, I guess) I'd be interested enough to buy some sort of wheel and try it out. As it stands, not quite there for me. I will continue to follow your exploits though.


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Hey guys, check it:


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Looks like I'm not going to be home much tomorrow, so it's probably safe to take my stream info off the first post. Hopefully I'll be around for the next one!

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Man, my muscle memory for the Canyon physics is completely gone. Not surprising, but I still managed to run under 43.5 on Driftigh the first time I played it.

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@crusader8463: Gosh, if only the media had some sort of power to influence the way people viewed certain issues!