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The perfect price to kill the product. Fine by me.

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Nope. Dota is in the same pile with professional wrestling, the I don't care in any way pile. Unfortunate for me since those 2 things are plastered all over this website.

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Don't Stress. Have Relax in Panau or the Wasteland while you wait....

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Of course! Pushing the envelope is how innovation happens.

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Twitter fucking rocks. If you don't like it, then you are probably using it wrong. Any negativity is small potatoes compared to the constant stream in interesting articles, art, science, videos, news, etc. Follow better people! Don't like what they are tweeting? Mute or unfollow.

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Cool video thing! Oh and... #TEAMTONGUE

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Make them wait? It will create artificial demand. Yes, make them wait.

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Once on PC, 2 years ago.

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Let's get Steamy. Mmmm Steam.

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