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@dicksocrates: Nintendo first-party games rarely drop in price.

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@dimsey: They talk about it for a minute or two near the end of the podcast . And don't really get all that in-depth anyway.

And the second part was my point: you can't say this subject is "off-topic" because there is no such thing as off-topic on the Bombcast. That's the beauty of it.

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@HellBound There's enough about this shit on every gaming website I'm sorry for wanting the Bombcast to be the one place that actually talks about video games.

You mean the podcast that started out being primarily focused on energy drinks? The one that spent more time talking about shit steaks and mayonnaise than Hyrule Warriors? That podcast?

Yeah, I'm sure that's your issue.

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Same, but I skipped ahead to find it for my own sense of sanity.

Key Quote:

Jeff: "Even if the part where you look at it as some kind of, uh, coalition of people that care about ethics in games journalism, which is largely farcical, even if you look at it that way, how does it justify what's really happening out there? And that's the part where you're like, 'Wow.'"

Brad: "I have an answer for you."

Jeff: "Okay."

Brad: "It doesn't."

Jeff: "Yeah, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't."

Brad: "I've figured it out!"

Jeff: "Congratulations. You've completed the raid."

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Thanks for making an official statement, @jeff. I sincerely hope it makes a difference, though it's hard to believe it will. I hope the site can move on from this and grow. It's ridiculous that being "fun and unprofessional" equates to "hey, they hate this liberal PC bullshit too!" and let people think that you approve of their actions or secretly agree with them.

It's a shitty situation for all involved, and even if it accomplishes nothing, this editorial at least knocks the assholes down a peg and symbolizes what you stand for a bit more. I think hearing members like you and Vinny talking about these subjects every now and then would go a long way towards eliminating this mentality, since people seem to be able to mentally segregate Patrick's and Alex's opinions from the rest of the site. You and Vinny are often seen as the heart and soul of the site, so it might hit home a little more coming from you.

Hopefully this childishness is in the past now.

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@metal_mills said:

@wrighteous86: Did you two actually meet off here?

True story. I wrote about it in this thread. It's weird being able to go back and see the forum thread we first participated in together, and the photoshop contest I threw that she entered, and see how those threads wove together and started the discussions that lead to our relationship. Also, mutual love of Vinny.

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Sorry to be pedantic, but my rudimentary knowledge of Russian tells me that is dried squid, not octopus.

Dried Squid Rings, yeah. I only know that because the British translation was in small print on the back. We picked them up from a shady Russian import market near our train station in Naples. Meh, they were close enough. I'm surprised they tried them.

Wait.... do American's not have meat flavored crisps?

We have just started getting them (specifically steak and BLT I think, and chicken-and-waffles for a limited time only), but it's not really common. They are really rare and not very popular. It's much more common in the UK it seems, where you guys have bacon, roast beef, roast chicken, steak, etc. The US chips tend to be more cheese, bbq, onion, etc. Meat-flavored crisps really kind of freak me out.

Hey, congrats to the duders who got engaged, that's awesome!

Thanks, man!

@wrighteous86: Wow man, Jeff immediately recognized you two when he saw the pictures, which means your tale of love has even reached the men at the top. You're practically internet famous at this point!

Also, I'm expecting whatever the E3 Mystery Box is to probably involve stupid shenanigans on their nightly live-streams.

Yeah, the Giant Bomb guys have been aware of DuskVamp and I for a while. They've kind of intersected our lives/relationship since the very beginning. I'll probably be writing a blog showing how involved they've been with us sometime today. Keep an eye out, especially if you want to hear Drew, Dave, and Vinny sing.