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Remember when all those companies said that backwards compatibility was pointless because nobody wants to play their old games on new systems, and now the majority of games on the new systems are just up-rezzed ports of old games that aren't backwards compatible, but now they have the benefit of charging you again for them? That was awesome.

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After what they've done with the setting in the Compilation FF7 stuff, I've lost all interest in the 7 "series".

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@spoonman671: There is nothing in the history of this series that makes it plausible Jon will be ready to go in the first episode of the next season. If he comes back, it will take at least a full season to get there.

@zevvion: Beric Dondarrion, who Thoros of Myr returned to life seconds after The Hound sliced through his shoulder into his chest.

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Even if it's sub-par (never played it), I REALLY wish this included the Vita game. Especially since it's not PSTV compatible.

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$104.8 million

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Because for the last few years of the last generation of consoles, we were told that we were getting so many remasters and ports and "unneccessary half-assed sequels (ie Gears of War: Judgment, God of War: Ascension, Batman: Arkham Origins)" because the technical limitations of those consoles were holding devs back from utilizing their creativity on new IPs and concepts, and that those that weren't releasing games weren't because they were busy working on launch games for the newer better consoles.

Then the new consoles came out, mostly with up-ressed half-gen ports, and most of the games announced were additions to existing franchises, and most of the best of THOSE were delayed into 2015, and then 2016.

And the console manufacturers cut out backwards compatibility because "gamers don't want to play their old games on new consoles".

And then all the devs sought to "fill up the holes in their lineup" by charging $40-60 for all those old games (some of which were only just released 2 years ago!) people supposedly didn't want to play anymore.

So the new consoles were "necessary" for new amazing games that still haven't come out, and backwards compatibility was "unneccessary" because nobody wants to play their old games that they can instead buy for nearly full price because those new amazing games still haven't come out.

If we were getting new IPs, or at least new sequels to old franchises, that weren't also available on the older generation of consoles, and all these remastered releases were coming out, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Instead, 25% of the XBone and PS4 retail games so far are remasters or ports.

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All of the FFX mini-games are the worst mini-games I've ever played. And I love FFX.

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@obcdexter: Konami has a lot going for them besides Metal Gear... Outside of video games. They are actually very profitable in Japan with hotels or something.

@kasaioni: They're removing his name to prepare the franchise as being seen as Konami games, not Kojima games. Trying to shift attention. And possibly as a "fuck you".

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@goldone: I doubt DC wants its characters doing Fatalities or having them done to them.

I can't imagine they'd appreciate Ermac pulling Batman's intestines out of his mouth.

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@n7: You mean the start of Konami's next financial year? So... It actually might mean something.

And editing all existing pr material and the games themselves, and renaming studios and websites and Twitter feeds seems like a bit much, even for Kojima.