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I believe they should realize living the obese lifestyle isn't healthy and if they wished to not get made fun of so much than they should lose the weight. There are plenty of reasons to lose weight. For instance, they can do it to be healthy, be more attractive/ doing it for someone you like, or just setting an example to your kids. You can lose the Weight. If people who have smoked for 30+ years have been able to stop then obese people should be able to stop as well.

I hope you weren't bullied in school.

I believe that you should realize that being unpopular in school isn't ideal and if you wished to not get made fun of you should have been better looking, more sociable, and cooler. There are plenty of reasons to be cooler. For instance, you can get laid, have a lot of friends, or be more successful. You can be cooler. If people who are 100 pounds overweight have been able to stop then dorks should be able to be cool.

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@KaosAngel: Your fucking high bro. In my 10 plus years in the service I have never gone into a military hospital and had a pleasant experience. All the doctors as pieces of shit and the nurses are horrible. My wife purposefully went to her parents place 100+ miles away so that tricare was forced to cover her at a civilian hospital while I was deployed. I sat in an ER for 14 hours with my kid when he had a nasty ear infection, there was an army dude with a broken fucking arm sitting in there with us. Military hospitals suck fucking dick. Now that I'm out I would rather pay a LOT more for our health insurance than go back to that bullshit.

On the original topic, if someone wants to be overweight who gives a fuck. Especially in America, if someone wants to down Twinkies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner who gives a fuck, its their life not yours.

He's fighting for our God-given right to down Twinkies 24/7! God bless you sir. Thank you for your service.

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@Praab_NZ said:

And I don't think It's a kindness, however I think without it, there is no social pressure to be thin. The 'If nobody else cars, why should I' sort of thing.

I'd argue that everything from movies, to tv, to advertisements are social pressure to be thin. The desire to be desired is social pressure to be thin. The fact that fat people are comic relief or the butt of a lot of jokes is social pressure to be thin.

I've been thin most of my life. I was thin when I went to go see the movie Shallow Hal. That movie didn't make me laugh, it depressed me (and not just because it was a bad movie). It acted like it was showing fat people in a good light, but every joke was about breaking chairs and tidal waves in the pool.

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@Praab_NZ said:

@Wrighteous86: Ok I will look up the human psychology of it. Obviously you have loads of citations and proof waiting in the wings from the studies you have done so I'll give you that.

Also being gay is not a choice.

The simple fact is, that feeling bad about something can be a motivation to change. You want to avoid a scenario, better yourself and they will have no leg to stand on. Be your own motivation.

Also you might note that earlier I did say that positive reinforcement can be better than negative reinforcement.

You say be your own motivation, yet you think providing negative reinforcement will provide them motivation. How about you leave fat people alone and let them deal with it if and when they want. Fat people know that being fat is bad. Most of them want to get thin. Shaming them is not a kindness. It doesn't help them get better.

Also, B.F. Skinner:

As Skinner discussed, positive reinforcement is superior to punishment in altering behavior. He maintained that punishment was not simply the opposite of positive reinforcement; positive reinforcement results in lasting behavioral modification, whereas punishment changes behavior only temporarily and presents many detrimental side effects.
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@Praab_NZ: If you believe so strongly in your opinion, feel free to look up the human psychology of it. You're wrong. In almost every situation, shaming WORSENS the situation. It makes the person more insular and more stuck in the rut of what they're being shamed into. Or they kill themselves.

Your son is gay? Shame him, that will straighten him out. Your friend is getting bad grades? Keep telling him he's stupid, then he'll study harder. Your brother sucks at basketball? Make fun of him constantly, and he'll be the next Michael Jordan.

How do you not realize that positive reinforcement is so much more effective than negative?

EDIT: Negative reinforcement only works in very specific ways. In this situation, it's much more likely to make the person enter a shame spiral that keeps them from leaving the house than it is to make them lose weight. It teaches them that people are mean, and that food doesn't judge them.

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@Praab_NZ said:

This is true, but negative reinforcement is what helps us as humans fear and avoid scenarios such as being overweight in the first place, it can also reduce complacancy among those who are overweight.

I guess I would draw a line with this, which is when overweight people are actively loosing weight, e.g. at the gym. They definitely don't deserve abuse as they are making change.

Actually, negative reinforcement helps fat humans feel humiliated and unloved, so they return to their homes and fear going out or doing things they enjoy, and get depressed and find comfort and solace in eating, continuuing the cycle. It doesn't make them want to put on a workout outfit and allow more people to see them in more embarrassing situations (like many workout positions) in more revealing clothing. Idiot.

Most fat people eat because they are unhappy, or as a numbing pleasure enducing thing. It cheers them up. If you mock them for being fat, it will depress them, and they'll search for comfort in food. Encouragement is the only thing that works.

I was about 50 pounds overweight. I decided to change and get in shape. I had lost 15 pounds in a month and was feeling great. At a party a GOOD FRIEND, playfully flicked my nipple/chest, the way guys do sometimes, and i felt my chest lift and then drop. He wasn't doing it because of my weight, just messing with me as a person. Just feeling my chest lift and flop made me depressed and I broke my diet the next day. On the other hand, when I work out or eat right now, and people say they've noticed I've lost weight or that I look good, it makes me work HARDER, because the good feeling I get from those compliments makes me want more. That addiction replaces food.

So quit acting like you know what you're talking about, dipshit.

Your thought process is just like a high school bully's. "Me picking on him is helping him. It's teaching him that it's not okay to be the way he is."

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@Little_Socrates said:

I have strong words for anyone who says Ocarina of Time is the best game ever made, but not much of this list is shocking.

Yeah, it should be Majora's Mask.

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My nerdiest possession is either Final Fantasy X-2 or my Giant Bomb hoodie and 2010 member tee.

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Yeah video games is a assault on male self esteem I mean I'm in good shape but it's impossible not to compare all those giant muscle bound meat heads and pretty boys.

Same thing, you're right.

@HolyCrapItsAdam said:

I haven't been so I don't know how "in your face" they are with them but it looks like they aren't going away so you should just try to ignore them and don't give them any attention, then maybe the problem will fix itself

Yeah, that's the way the world works. Ignoring it makes things better!

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Yeah, it's all about the brand marketing. I'm stuck with the duck-face.