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@mandude: We have grape Skittles. You guys have blackcurrant (which used to be illegal here; we're only just now getting blackcurrant). She's never seen rock candy before, but I know you guys have it somewhere. I wasn't sure about Warheads.

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@Remedy25: Our chocolate is shit. My Brit girlfriend just visited. She loved SweetTarts, Jolly Ranchers, Rock Candy. People like our Twizzlers (licorice) and LaffyTaffy. I've sent her Skittles, Sour Patch Kids (sour gummies), Sour Punch Straws, Big League Chew (gum), Butterfingers (peanut butter chocolate bar), Warheads and Crybabies if you like sour stuff (though Toxic Waste from the UK is better), umm... can't think of anything else. Lucky Charms are comparatively cheap here. I sent her a load of that.

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...and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs,Bloodrayne), who gamers have undoubtedly encountered in numerous games before, given that he'll show up just about anywhere so long as there are enough zeroes on the check.

...And I have a sneaking suspicion he only needs 2 zeroes. And maybe some liquor.

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In situations like this, I think it pretty much comes down to a judgement call on how grisly the story or the conversation is. The mods are selected because Giant Bomb trusts their judgement. There isn't a set line where they say "THIS" is when it's too macabre, sexual, etc. The mods have to trust their own instincts, and that's what did in this case.

It'd be ridiculous to have guidelines that specific; it'd be like what the MPAA does for movies. A perfectly wholesome movie could get an R rating because they say "fuck" 3 times, but a bloody action movie is fine as long as there's no nudity or swearing. They can show 1/3 of an ass, but no more. Rules like that are inane. You have to view something as a whole and make a judgement call based on the context.

I think it's fair to debate the veracity of the mod's call, but in a case like this, it really is just up to them. I'm all for discussing the topic of whether this is an appropriate thread for the forums though.

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No More Heroes. And it kept me from playing the sequel.

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I didn't think the first game was all that great (or all that terrible), but this proposed direction sounds worse. Then again, I need some good co-op games in my life. Not holding out hope, but it would be great to be pleasantly surprised.

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Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft, Cloud, Pyramid Head; all good choices.

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@Mr402 said:

I'll be in Chi town next week for a wedding. Where is the best place to go to get the real deal deep dish? I also want to try the thin crust bar style they cut into squares. Also a italian beef sandwich. Damn I'm hungry......

Giordano's, Lou Malnati's, or Gino's East, in that order. I prefer Giordano's, but plenty of people swear by Lou Malnati's, too. We do cut our thin crust into squares. Fox's, Barraco's, Palermo's, Roseangelo's, and Beggars are all brands I swear by, but you're probably okay wherever you go.

Al's Italian Beef is the "famous" Italian Beef place, but I think Portillo's is best (and they LOVE it on the Bombcast). Portillo's is the best place for hot dogs and Maxwell Street Polish, too.

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Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

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My friends only play Madden and shooters (and maybe a few classic Nintendo games). Aside from random guys in college, my current girlfriend is the only person I'm close to that goes any deeper than that.